I’ve made the decision to replace a few of my home’s simple hollow core sliding closet doors. I considered re-framing the closets with a new set of unique doors that open and shut, but it would be very expensive. Instead, I chose to replace the sliding closet doors with straightforward bi-folds and give them a customized look with molding and trim.

I have never been a big admirer of bi-fold closet doors, perhaps because I recall getting my finger trapped in one when I was a youngster. Since I don’t have any young children living with me, I looked for inspiration online, where I found many lovely examples of bi-fold doors.

Using trim and handles to give ordinary bi-fold doors from a home improvement store a personalized touch is a brilliant idea, in my opinion. If any of you have considered doing the same, I’ve collected numerous visually appealing bi-fold doors from various websites; many of these are DIY projects where DIYers gave a conventional bi-fold door a distinctive flair.



Buying one is more expensive than making one, but these craftsman style bi-fold doors are very appealing.

New things should replace the old. These bi-fold doors certainly look more appealing than the louvered ones from earlier decades. Trim attached to conventional bi-fold doors can be used to produce the craftsman look, or you can be creative and use more contemporary geometric patterns. These examples serve as a reminder that anyone who wants to DIY their own better-looking bi-fold closet doors need not worry about it being too difficult.





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