This also occurs to you, I know. You take a satisfied look about your home, but you suddenly realize that that particular nook needs some attention.

For that reason, I’m replacing the club chairs in my living room. I’ve owned a pair of white wingbacks for a while, but they’re starting to look worn (blame -andgt; kids and pets). Additionally, I’m in the mood for a different design, something bluer, boxier, and smaller. However, I’m still debating between these and these .

The coziest seating arrangement is created by club chairs arranged at an angle; this is my favorite spot in the house to relax with a friend and sip wine.

No space for two? A club chair makes the ideal accent whether placed in a corner or at an angle opposite a sofa.

In my continued hunt, I gathered ten stylish options for modern club chairs that would work in any room and are all under $500.





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