I only wanted a leisurely afternoon of retail therapy for Mother’s Day, just me and my latte, wandering through my favorite home furnishings stores, like West Elm and CB2. I really did that and made a few purchases while out and about, one of which being an AA1 that I’m using as a planter. And may I add that CB2 is killing it this year with their spring vessels.

Those who frequent this blog are aware of my slight obsession with white ceramics, which I collect and utilize throughout my home. I discovered two white sculptural cups made by a local artist on a weekend day excursion to Bainbridge Island. Surprise! They needed to be at my house so I could utilize them in my vanity.

Instead of the more commonplace or basic containers, I like the tactile, sculptural, or patterned ones for storing things around the house. I enjoy distinctive containers! They were readily available in large numbers at the aforementioned businesses as well as online. Having unusual containers can allow you to store your belongings in flair. These examples stand out:





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