Accessed on May 13, 2016

Hello, buddies! This message is intended for those of you who have children, especially girls. My darling children’ hair, which is somewhat long and tangles when we wash it during bath time, makes them both grimace when we brush it after the bath. Not to mention the insane bed head they have when they wake up—talk about knots. We therefore began using detangler. However, I quickly grew tired of spending a lot of money on detangler spray that was odorous and ineffective. So I eventually made the decision to make some myself, and it is AMAZING. The best part is how simple it is to make.

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Materials required for the DIY HAIR DETANGLER Tutorial:

Lavender essential oil Warm water
1) Fill your spray bottle with 23 teaspoons of your preferred conditioner.
2) Pour warm water into the spray bottle to fill it up to the top.

3) If you’d like, add 23 drops of essential oil for fragrance. The one we use after their bath has lavender essential oil, which helps my girls relax and go asleep peacefully at night. They adore the aroma.

4) Shake.

5) Mist dry or wet hair. Both are equally effective with it! This means that it is ideal for both using after a bath and in the morning to tame that unruly bed head.

I’m done now! I said it was so simple! It works fantastically and never makes the hair of my daughters feel greasy or thick. And it undoubtedly improves everyone’s enjoyment of brushing their hair:) Oh no, Mom, you’re harming my hair! Stop! Simply said, that smells nice right now! Spray me once more! Happy mom, happy kids.

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