My family is currently vacationing in Las Vegas once more, but there was also work that needed to be done on the investment homes. The flip house was just offered for sale, and I’m delighted to report that it immediately received several offers. Although the home has been wonderfully renovated and there is a strong sellers’ market, I think some of the actions I made to prepare the house for selling are what contributed to the quick multiple bids on the flip house.

The second investment property I bought four years ago will also be sold, but it won’t be on the market until the end of the summer. Should you find yourself in a similar situation, I’m working with Arm andamp; Hammer cleaning products today to discuss practical strategies to get your house ready for resale.

Staging and Declutter Since a staged home sells far more effectively than one that is vacant, I added furniture to the flip property to create sitting and dining rooms. It’s simplest to stage your home if it’s your primary abode, but it’s crucial to remove all personal objects and thoroughly tidy it so potential buyers can picture themselves living there.

Staging was one of the factors that made my younger brother’s home more appealing to him as a buyer when he acquired it. When he first bought the house, it required some work, but he could see its potential and finally had the kitchen renovated. He attributes the ability to picture his family residing there to the home’s creative staging and thorough decluttering.

IMPROVING FIXTURES AND FANS I suggested my older brother replace the 20-year-old light fixtures with more modern ones when he sold his central California house last year. He took my counsel, and that contributed significantly to his successful sale.

Upgraded fans, sconces, and chandeliers enhance any home’s appearance and feel, making them worthwhile investments for resale. I did the same thing for the Vegas flip house; I switched out the outdated ceiling fans and chandeliers for newer-looking fixtures.

CLEAN THE SURFACE AND REMOVE ODORS Clearing surfaces is a simple process. First, simplify your counters by removing everything superfluous, and then make sure your surfaces are clean. The same is true for utilitarian furniture; remove all of the bookshelves, coffee tables, end tables, and shelves, leaving only a few ornamental items—just like you would in a model home.

Any offensive stench is a major turnoff to a potential customer. Freshly scented properties will sell much more quickly since first impressions matter. Carpets should be thoroughly cleaned to remove stains before adding a fresh scent from a reputable brand like Arm andamp; Hammer.

Pet dander, dust mite detritus, and other particles may all be removed from carpets and floors thanks to Arm andamp; Hammers line of cleaning products ‘s filters, which include their odor-eliminating vacuum bags, which have been tested to keep particles 15 times smaller than the width of human hair. Their dry carpet cleaner, which eliminates odors, is simple to sprinkle on and vacuum up for a fresh-smelling, clean house.

We’ve come a long way in home maintenance and cleaning thanks to technology. The Arm





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