Originally published on September 5, 2017

Helllllooooo! Do you currently appreciate fall as much as I do? Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The world seems to be more peaceful and content, and the air simply SMELLS clean and fresh. Although it would be a huge, blatant lie, I wish I could say that all we have been doing is unwinding and taking in the early autumn.

I work mostly on enjoyable, attractive interior projects, as you are probably aware. But lately, Joe and I have been working incredibly hard on our do-it-ourselves front yard restoration, taking our abilities OUTDOORS. And the excellent staff at Ace Hardware has supported us at every turn.

Joe worked really hard to get our sprinkler system up and running. He then exterminated our existing lawn—I mean, weeds—to prepare it for seeding. Here, he is putting a lot of effort into the sprinkler system and working even harder to keep the mosquitoes away with those useful bracelets. Who says they can’t also be worn as a necklace?

We had some dirt brought and distributed it on the areas where we wish to grow grass in order to somewhat reduce the size of our current planting beds.

As you can see from my piece on Ace from last month, he also set to work removing part of the landscaping, which includes overgrown, neglected, and difficult-to-identify trees and bushes.

I honestly can’t claim ownership of any of the aforementioned work. While I was at work, Joe worked on it on his days off during the week. However, I did have one small contribution to make to the front yard makeover, and it required me to do something I have NEVER done before. I could aid with distributing the grass seed! Well, guess what? It’s a bit enjoyable!

We needed a spreader that would make the job simpler because our yard is rather big. Enter Scotts Turf Builder Pro Edgeguard Broadcast Spreader , from whom we obtained Ace Hardware . This device is amazing. It may distribute fertilizer AND seed.

First, we fertilized. After that, we were prepared to plant the seed. Y’all, this is simple job. Even my twin girls participated in some of the activities. Pushing this contraption about while knowing you will GROW GRASS in just 7 to 10 days has a therapeutic effect.

Being involved in an external project for a change feels nice! It simply goes to show that you can accomplish anything, even if it’s outside of your comfort zone, when you have professional assistance (like you can find at Ace Hardware ) and a fantastic product that performs exactly what you need it to.

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One of you will receive a $100 gift card from Ace Hardware, of which I am a member of the Ace Bloggers Panel. I received payment for my services and for writing this blog post. The views and opinions I have expressed here are all mine and may not reflect those of Ace Hardware.





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