Yesterday, I was reading through a stack of magazines. There was an article on an family reunion on a houseboat in Sunset Magazine, one of my favorite publications. It’s an interesting book that provides a well-written look at a summer gathering on a rented boat.

My captain took us by a whole neighborhood of floating homes, including the one made famous by the movie Sleepless in Seattle, on an afternoon sailing trip of Lake Washington last month when I was in Seattle.

I began to see myself living on the lake, waking up to the bark of a seal and spending my evenings admiring a vast body of water.

Seattle floating residence

There is a difference between a houseboat and a mobile vessel, despite the fact that the phrase is often used to refer to both. Floating homes are those that are permanently moored to the water. They are permanently berthed and have access to the city’s water and sewage systems. Like barges and boats, houseboats can go wherever they want and can land anywhere.

All floating homes come with extra complexities, oversight from the government, local laws, community guidelines, and the engineering difficulties of residing in a building that floats on the water. A successful floating home community, like many others that exist around the world, can be found in Sausalito, California, just 30 minutes from my house.

I’m interested in learning about different lifestyles, especially unconventional ones, thus I find this way of living fascinating. I sincerely hope that these floating homes and houseboats inspire you as much as they do me.

remodeling a houseboat in Marin County, California ‘s personal narrative.

Read about the family friendly floating home that this couple built in San Francisco.

A sleek, contemporary house on water created by Dirkmarine in Denmark.

This rustic and refined barge docked in London has gorgeous visual patterns inside.

Visit the The Solstice , a modern and opulent floating residence in Seattle.

The interior of this floating home in Copenhagen has elements from Scandinavia.


You may remember that Chip and Joanna made this home well-known on their program Fixer Upper.


Any private pier or marina will sell you an floating bungalow that can tie off.


Looking for a vacation in Florida? Buy family reunion on a houseboat 0 in Fort Lauderdale and splurge.


If you’re visiting Vancouver, stay at family reunion on a houseboat 1.


This AA12 is situated in Portage Bay.


These family reunion on a houseboat 3 are crossovers created to function as houses.



If you have romantic ideas about what it would be like to live in a floating house, read family reunion on a houseboat 4 about the appeal and difficulties of this kind of habitation. An architect’s viewpoint on family reunion on a houseboat 5 would be interesting to you as well.






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