Hello, pals! Today is my final day in Belgium, and I’m sharing a few travel-related tidbits on my blog, on Instagram stories . Check it out! I’ll be spending the next six days in the Czech Republic with my very good friend Ingrid after I arrive in Prague tomorrow. She spends the academic year in the United States and the summer in Brno (such a life, huh?) I’m glad to be visiting her own country to meet her friends and take in the sights. We first met in a fitness class last year and have been excellent friends ever since. I’m such a fortunate lady.

Look for a few more summer fabric and wallpaper prints I designed to be shared the following week on Monday! As always, the top links from the week are below. I hope you have a wonderful summer weekend.

Wow. This gorgeous glass open shelves in the kitchen.
This tour of a flat supports slow walk your renovation .
This townhouse tour is understated and refined (page 18).
staying focused advice for navigating the world of nonstop distraction.





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