Wow, such a difficult week. I’m devastated to hear of the news of two tragic losses. Anthony Bourdain was an inspiration to so many people, especially those of us who love to travel, and Kate Spade was a shining star in the world of fashion. My heart is in such pain.

I find it difficult to comprehend what is happening, to express myself effectively, and to gain as much knowledge as I can on depression and mental health. A family member of ours committed suicide a month ago; I’m still trying to understand why he took that decision and how and why he died. My sister has chronic pain, and she has taught me so much about the reasons why people think about and eventually commit suicide. She gave me this article on the reasons people attempt suicide this morning along with some very valuable personal advice.

As a society, we need to reach out to individuals in need and offer them support so they may open up and, hopefully, be saved. I would appreciate your opinions on this matter as well as any knowledge you may have.

Here are a few of my week’s favorite sites that I usually share:

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