The elegance that these lovely gnocco fritto (or Italian fried dumplings) will bring to your table is unmatched. It is ideal to serve and wow your visitors.

Gnocco Fritto | #recipe #cooking #appetizer #dumplings #Italian #gnoccofritto

FRITTO GNOCCO Recipe for Gnocco Fritto: Appetizer Written by Foodieaholic Ingredients A cup of flour, one cup 10 grams of beer yeast glass of water 3 tablespoons and a half of butter 1 salt shakerful prosciutto cup 7/8 cup stracciatella cheese Instructions In a food processor, combine yeast, water, and flour. Processed butter is added. Put salt in. On a flat surface, take the dough and stretch it out evenly. two hours of resting under cover. Diamond-shaped cuts are made two hours later. Roll the pastry up, add a tiny dot of stracchino cheese, and fry it for 30 seconds. Drain, then add more stracchino and prosciutto on top.

Gnocco Fritto | #recipe #cooking #appetizer #dumplings #Italian #gnoccofritto

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