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ARE YOU AWARENESS? CORAL IS THE PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR! The color coral is the new black when it comes to your wardrobe. LOVERS OF COLOR, REJOICE! Dear friends: Tasha is here. As you are aware, I have hired a fashion contributor to provide you with monthly posts with fashion advice and trends. She works for Millie and Main as a personal stylist under the moniker Wendy. At the end of 2018, I attended the Millie and Main Early Winter Session, and it was absolutely invaluable to me! And no, I’m not paid or an affiliate; I’m just a supporter of what they’re doing. Wendy is endearing, humorous, and has a great sense of style. So let’s welcome her warmly:) Remove it, Wendy

Hello Kaleidoscope Living subscribers! Here’s Wendy:

Choosing what to wear while standing in front of your closet each morning can be frustrating and a complete waste of your valuable time. At Millie and Main , our passion is giving you the knowledge and assistance you need to organize your closet so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Coral should be incorporated into whatever look you can, in my opinion. We hear about the Pantone color of the year every year, and coral got the title this time around.

You’ll start to notice coral in everything, including shoes, clothing, and accessories. This is quite satisfying for those of us who like a splash of color (and I know Tasha does).

Think about this when deciding whether coral apparel is the appropriate choice for you. It goes well with practically anything! Anything, indeed. This winter, coral color combinations are popping up everywhere, which makes us very happy! It is the ideal shade to help you get through the last of Winter and begin to consider Spring.

Coral can undoubtedly offer a flash of color without overpowering the clothing and will make it more cheerful. Coral looks great with a variety of colors, but some of my personal favorites are coral and military green and coral and denim with a splash of tortoise shell jewelry. Coral also looks great with animal prints, tans, blacks, and grey.

Coral comes in a wide range of tones and hues, and not all of them work well with all skin tones. Here are some tips to help you choose the coral that complements your skin tone the best:

You should choose a coral colour that is deeper and less orange if your skin tone is peachy. Try a coral that is not as vibrant if your skin tone is creamy white. Choose a more reddish tone as an alternative. If you have a dark tan or any shade of brown skin, you can probably wear any coral color, from muted to vibrant.

Coral palette for fall and winter 2019. Fashion color trends. Knitted clothes fabric samples.

What footwear should you pair with clothing in coral? Neutral Use neutral shoes in tones of tan or light brown when establishing a style with coral tops or bottoms. By doing this, you’ll look longer and thinner and the coral will be neutralized.

Here are some amazing items you should take into account as you incorporate coral into your outfit.


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Use the stuff that are already in your closet. Choose what you absolutely need for the season online. Create over 30 ensembles that you may wear every day, and you’ll also have a wardrobe stylist on hand to help you almost every week. click here , please come to our next session.





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