Try this tasty new appetizer this holiday season! These cream cheese and salmon canaps are lovely and delicious. Additionally, they are entirely allergy-friendly sandwich thins!

Salmon and Cream Cheese Canapes | #recipe #cooking #appetizer #canapes #salmon #creamcheese #multigrain #allergenfree

CANAPS WITH SALMON AND CREAM CHEESE Canaps with salmon and cream cheese Appetizer-type recipes Written by Foodieaholic 14 ingredients (1 pkg) A link to onebun.php can be found at target= blank} Just Minis Ozery OneBun Multi-Grain {/url} ten pieces of smoked salmon 50 ml of cream cheese thinly sliced red onion, half Capers, 14 cup Olive oil, 1.5 tablespoons Instructions Reduce the thickness of the smoked salmon slices (approximately 3 pieces per slice). Combine the cream cheese and olive oil in a medium bowl. The Just Minis are split and lightly toasted. Each Just Minis half should have cream cheese spread on it. Then, place two tiny slices of smoked salmon on top of the cream cheese. Add some capers and sliced red onion on top. Comments Produces 28 canaps.

Salmon and Cream Cheese Canapes | #recipe #cooking #appetizer #canapes #salmon #creamcheese #multigrain #allergenfree

I want to especially thank Ozery Bakery for providing this fantastic appetizer! Try their Multi-Grain Bruschetta as well!

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