Let’s imagine you’re coming to see me in Northern California, but you only have money for one day to see wine country. Well, dear buddy, in my heart of hearts I’m thinking you should have taken a little longer than 24 hours to take it all in since, haven’t you heard, the Napa/Sonoma region is a destination.

Even so, I’ll still set you up as your virtual tour guide if you only have one day. When friends from out of town come to visit, I always take them on the same tour of my top five Sonoma Valley vineyards. They are all together on Highway 121, only 20 minutes from my house, in a group of four. Just a few more miles separate you from your destination, but it’s worth the extra trip!

As your virtual tour guide, I vouch for the success of this day trip plan in giving you the desired wine country experience. You can reach us in less than an hour if you’re traveling from San Francisco. This journey takes you through the Carneros area of the Sonoma Valley, which is renowned for its sparkling wines, Pinot Noirs, and Chardonnays made from grapes that flourish in the volcanic soil and coastal breezes.

A stroll around the Sonoma Plaza is included in a day trip; you can start early there, eat lunch, and then visit the wineries. Alternately, start at one of the five wineries that are suggested, have a picnic there, then finish the day with a great dinner in the Sonoma Plaza.

From San Francisco, take Highway 101 north, then Highway 37, and finally Highway 121. When Highway 121 changes to Arnold Drive, you’ll cross Marin County into Sonoma County and reach the Carneros appellation . It’s at this point that you’ll notice grapevines winding around the hills.

Your first stop should be Viansa , a hilltop winery with an Italian flair that focuses in both red and Italian varietals. This home features a magnificent view, lovely gardens, a large tasting area, and a gourmet food market.

You then proceed to nearby Jacuzzi Family Vineyards . The estate buildings appear to have been there for generations, despite the fact that the tasting room was just established in 2007. A courtyard, a fountain, and vines clinging to the stone walls are there.

At The Olive Press , located in the same villa, you may try their delectable olive oils in addition to their wines. I always buy their extra virgin and infused olive oils for myself and to give away to friends because they are excellent souvenirs to bring home.

The third stop, Cline Cellars , is just across from it and has an entirely different atmosphere. (Interestingly, the same family also owns the Jacuzzi winery you just visited.) You’ll be greeted with a farmhouse with a wraparound porch when you arrive at Cline Cellars, where you may taste responsibly produced wines. The rose-filled gardens and swinging willow trees that line the banks of the spring-fed ponds that encircle the vineyards surround the farmhouse. The grounds are lovely for wandering, and there are outdoor picnic tables where you may relax.

If you have time, take a detour to Cornerstone Gardens, a sculpture park and outdoor market. The gravel beneath will crunch as you walk around the olive trees, just like in European gardens. There are many stores, art galleries, little tasting rooms, and the Sunset Magazine test kitchen at Cornerstone Gardens.

Spending too much time would defeat the purpose of visiting the area to sample sparkling wines. There are two locations to do this, the first of which is Gloria Ferrer , which is close to Jacuzzi and Cline. The Ferrer family hails from Spain, and you can sample a flight of their sparkling wines on the patio of this Mediterranean-style home while taking in the expansive vistas of the Sonoma Valley.

The last stop is in the direction of Napa along Highway 12/121. When you get at Domaine Carneros , a gorgeous chateau designed in the French style that is perched above a knoll surrounded by vines, you’ll cross the border into Napa County. The Tattinger family established this French estate, and the 18th-century Chteau de la Marquetterie in Champagne, France, where Taittinger champagne is produced, served as its model. Take your sparkling wine with you as you meander amid the grapevines while viewing the chateau above; the terraces and formal gardens are lovely.

For you to get a sense of this day excursion, I put together a movie of these five vineyards.

As was already noted, taking a trip through the Sonoma Plaza, where you can shop, promenade, and enjoy a delicious supper at any of the fantastic restaurants, is a great way to cap off the day.





I propose these fantastic restaurants for dinner: Great Portuguese food is served at Carneros appellation 0, a hidden restaurant, and modern California wine country flavors are served at Carneros appellation 1. I also adore Carneros appellation 2, which serves hearty Tuscan food, especially in the fall and winter, and Carneros appellation 3, a renowned restaurant that serves genuine French rural cooking.

Please let me know if you take this day excursion in the future. I’m pleased to respond to any additional inquiries about a trip to Napa or Sonoma.






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