The kids are back in school, and I’ve been spending my weekend hanging out in my hometown. I enjoyed the comedy event I attended last night, but when I got home, my most recent DIY project had turned out almost disastrously. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

August is the Sunday of summer, as someone once remarked, and I’m not sure who said it. Very soothing, yet soon thoughts are turning to the impending rigors of sports and school schedules. I’m getting ready. I simply am not prepared for fall yet, even if it is just around the corner.:)

favorites from the week’s links:

My admiration for this designer is Colombian home .
Brass, white, and other colors: this glam Texas kitchen .
this California cottage is minimalist with masculine accents.
this renovated bungalow : Stylish and serene.

Nicole Gibbons paint company launch : Get it, girl. paint color names at its finest.

drone images is a very cool prize winner.
Revisiting The Breakfast Club in the #metoo era.





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