Overnight Reading

My weekend has been super chill, the kids are back in school and Im just hanging out in my hometown. I went to a comedy show last night, that was fun, but then came home to find a mini disaster with my latest DIY project, Ill share more information about that tomorrow! I dont know who said it …

The Sonoma Plaza Walk

One of my favorite things to do when visitors come to town is take them on a stroll around the Sonoma Plaza, its always a good time and no one is ever disappointed. The Plaza is the place to spend and afternoon and its where youll get a little taste of everything. Out-of-towners always ask, …

Kitchen Cabinets in Blue Are Always Classic

Because kitchens are the place where we spend the most time, theyre the most important space in a home. The cabinets and fixtures need to withstand daily use and a lot of wear and tear, and the design should stand the test of time. Because of this, most people opt for neutrals when designing th …

DIY Tutorial for Etched Glass

Just made my first DIY etched glass project and it turned out beautifully! I’ll definitely be making more of these vases for family and friends.

DIY Wood and Leather Shelving

Tutorial for DIY Wood and Leather hanging shelves. Beginner level project that is perfect for any room. You can put these shelves up in about 30 minutes!!

Canaps with salmon and cream cheese

Here’s a fun new appetizer to try this holiday season! These salmon and cream cheese canaps are beautiful and made with allergy-friendly sandwich thins!