1 What Is The History Of Drywall? 2 What Was Used Before Drywall? 3 When Did Drywall Replace Plaster? 4 Conclusion In 1916, the United States Gypsum Company created dry wall (USG.) However, it took some time for people to start using it.

USG wasn’t able to establish itself as a top building supplier until the 1940s. Drywall had gained popularity as a building material by the 1950s.
In the United States and other parts of the world, drywall is currently the most widely utilized interior wall material.
Here are a few more intriguing tidbits concerning the development of drywall.

WHAT HISTORY DOES DRYWALL HAVE? 30 plaster producers and gypsum rock companies combined their resources in 1902 to form the United States Gypsum Company. . The newly established business released Pyrobar, a fireproof tile made of gypsum, a year after it was founded.

The Sackett Plasterboard Company, which produced the paper-and-plaster wallboard known as Sackett Board, was purchased by USG in 1909.

The Sackett Board kept changing over the ensuing years, and eventually the business developed the SheetRock brand of gypsum-based wall covering that wouldn’t warp or burn.

Although SheetRock took some time to gain popularity, by the 1940s USG had established itself as one of the country’s top home renovation suppliers.

Since then, a lot of new and improved drywall brands have appeared. As a result, we currently have a variety of drywall choices, such as regular panels, fire-rated drywall, and purple board.

WHERE DRYWALL USED TO BE USED? For interior walls, builders utilized plaster before USG created Sheetrock. Plastering interior walls actually dates back to 7500 B.C. .

Installing wooden laths before covering them with wet plaster was how builders plastered walls. The labor-intensive process of plastering required lengthy waits for each layer to cure.

DRYWALL replaced plaster when?

The USG firm created dry wall in 1916, but it wasn’t widely used until the middle of the 20th century. But the 1940s housing boom helped USG establish itself as a top home supplier, and by the 1950s, Sheetrock was widely used.

CONCLUSION Today, drywall is a common feature in homes all around the world. It wasn’t always, though.
Plaster came before drywall. Plaster, however, required a lot of time and labor. The use of drywall didn’t really take off until the mid-1900s.
Since that time, drywall has continued to be the interior wall material of choice in the US and many other nations.





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