A hacksaw is what?

What is a hacksaw? Whether you’re a casual DIY fan or a professional, it helps to understand this powerful tool. Hacksaws are often used by plumbers, electricians, and even creative sculptors. We’ve taken a look at everything you need to know before you use one. Hacksaws are saws with small

Snake Refuses to Enter Bathtub Drain

When you’re doing DIY home maintenance, you might find yourself needing to use some traditional plumbers’ tools. One of these is a drain snake. A motorized snake can be used to dislodge clogs deep in the plumbing of your bathtub, typically when methods like boiling water and vinegar have failed

Bathroom Sinks, Best (2022 Review)

You may not think about it much, but the sink is an incredibly important aspect of bathroom design for both functionality and style. For that reason, its essential to choose just the right one for your bathroom renovation. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right

Leaking From Tank Bolts In The Toilet? Here’s How To Correct It

Tank bolts are a vital component of your toilet, but sometimes they can be the source of a leak. Leaky toilets are a huge problem, especially if you’re worried about your water bill. There are several different things that can cause toilet tank bolts to leak. The steps to fix

Phony Naturals

I popped into Restoration Hardware yesterday and they had the most beautiful lighted birch trees and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately their versions were too pricey for me, and I thought well I could probably DIY my own with some white lighted branches, but then I hopped on Amazon and f …

Dark Modern Bathroom Design

Another new project landed in my lap, itand#039;s a small hall bathroom for a shared commercial office. Rather than something light and bright like I did in my own home with my powder room, Iand#039;m headed in the opposite direction. This time Iand#039;ll create a moody modern space using a combinati …

Simple Curtain Trim

Happy Monday friends! It was an exciting weekend for us. On Saturday, my son was awarded a first degree black belt in taekwondo after training for five years. I am so proud of my little man! I spent Sunday at home doing chores around the house. One of them was finally hanging my living room curt …

The Simplest Fake Fur Rug

During last years holiday season I decided to give my living room that extra cozy factor by adding a faux fur rug. When I went on the hunt for one I discovered even the cheap 5x7and#039;s start around $200 so I came up with a less expensive alternative. Perhaps you didnt notice it last year beca …

FREE Printable 2017 Calendar

This is BEST 2017 printable calendar available. It includes lists of home decor, home maintenance and organization/decluttering tasks to do every month.

Welcome Porch for the Holidays

Weekend greetings! Today Im joining in a welcome home tour and front porch feature hosted by Chris from Just A Girl. She invitedseveral bloggers to showcase their front entries and porches and I was delightedto join up too. Iminto the copper and rose gold tones this year. I love to mix meta …