1 Our Best Bathroom Sinks 2 What Are Bathroom Sinks? 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks? Drop In Sinks Undermount Sinks Vessel Sinks Wall Mount Sinks Pedestal Sinks Console Sinks 1 Our Best Bathroom Sinks 0 1 Our Best Bathroom Sinks 1 1 Our Best Bathroom Sinks 2 1 Our Best Bathroom Sinks 3 1 Our Best Bathroom Sinks 4 1 Our Best Bathroom Sinks 5 1 Our Best Bathroom Sinks 6 1 Our Best Bathroom Sinks 7 1 Our Best Bathroom Sinks 8 1 Our Best Bathroom Sinks 9 2 What Are Bathroom Sinks? 0 2 What Are Bathroom Sinks? 1 2 What Are Bathroom Sinks? 2 2 What Are Bathroom Sinks? 3 2 What Are Bathroom Sinks? 4 2 What Are Bathroom Sinks? 5 2 What Are Bathroom Sinks? 6 2 What Are Bathroom Sinks? 7 2 What Are Bathroom Sinks? 8 2 What Are Bathroom Sinks? 9 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks? 0 Although you might not give it much thought, the sink is a crucial component of bathroom design for both functionality and style. It is crucial to make the ideal selection for your bathroom renovation because of this.

But how can you pick the ideal bathroom sink for your house when there are so many options? How can you distinguish between the good and the bad?

How can you locate bathroom sinks that are ideal for you? How can you even begin to understand what your wants are?

Stay calm. This buying guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding the sink you want to buy, whether it is for your frequently used master bathroom or a rarely used guest powder room.

We will discuss the various bathroom sink varieties and the factors you should take into account when selecting the best sink for your needs. Then, we’ll go over our top five choices from the bathroom sinks that are now available (though you can take a sneak peak at those picks below).

But let’s first discuss what precisely distinguishes bathroom sinks from other types of sinks.

OUR FAVORITE KITCHEN SINKS 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks? 1 (Our Top Pick) 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks? 2 (Best Budget) 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks? 3 (Best High End) 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks? 4 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks? 5 WTF DO BATHROOM SINKS DO?

Bathroom sinks differ from other types of sinks in a few ways that prevent them from being interchangeable. Sinks in bathrooms, for instance, are smaller and shallower than sinks in kitchens.

Additionally, they have a smaller drain hole. Drain holes on bathroom sinks are typically 1.25 inches in diameter, though they can also be 1.5 inches or 1.625 inches in diameter.

Additionally, bathroom sinks are frequently composed of materials other than those used in kitchen sinks. The most prevalent sink types are those made of porcelain, ceramic, and vitreous china.

But you can also locate them in other sources of information. Sinks made of natural stone, copper, glass, stainless steel, fireclay, cast iron, and are less frequent but are still available.

Bathroom sinks are typically oval-shaped, though circular and rectangular designs are gaining popularity.

Last but not least, bathroom sinks do not often include drain assemblies like kitchen sinks do. Instead, your bathroom faucet will either come with a pop-up drain (or another form of drain, though pop-ups are by far the most prevalent) or you will need to buy one separately.

WHAT TYPES OF BATHROOM SINKS ARE THERE? Bathroom sinks come in a range of styles depending on how they are installed. Although drop-in and under-mount sinks are the most popular, there are many other types as well.


Installing a drop-in sink is as simple as inserting the sink into the counter’s cutout. The counter is supported by the rim that surrounds the sink’s edge.

It is secured with clips, and the edge is sealed with caulk. The most popular and simplest sink to install yourself is a drop-in model.
In reality, the majority of individuals can likely install a drop-in sink themselves, saving you money on a plumber.

Undermount or under-counter sinks are currently highly fashionable, though. Their sleek, modern aesthetic is ideal for contemporary bathrooms.

The countertop’s edge extends all the way to the edge of the sink’s bowl when these sinks are fitted underneath it. Although it is attached and clipped in place beneath the counter, they also have a rim.

Undermount sinks are more difficult to install, but there are advantages to having no lip around the sink. You can easily brush spills from the counter into the sink thanks to it.

Additionally, it enables you to keep as much counter space as you can, which is excellent for bathroom vanities and small bathrooms.
However, not all countertop materials complement undermount sinks because the counter’s base needs to be strong enough to support the sink’s weight.


Another fashionable sink design at the moment is the vessel sink. These sinks have basins that sit on top of the counter with a mounting ring to seal the edge and hold them in place, as opposed to being installed with the basin underneath the countertops.

While most vessel sinks are more of an aesthetic than a functional decision, some do offer a tiny bit more counter space beneath the sink basin.

Your bathroom design will also need to take the additional height into consideration. To reach over the sink’s rim, you’ll need a faucet with a high spout, and you might prefer lower counters so the sink’s edge isn’t too high.

Small bathrooms benefit greatly from wall-mount sinks. These sinks are wall-mounted, as you would have guessed.

This frees up floor space in small bathrooms, providing you more freedom to roam as no countertop or cabinets are needed. To free up a little more floor space, you might even store the trashcan or hamper underneath the sink.

Some homeowners, however, might not enjoy the visible pipes under the sink.

These sinks are usually best saved for half bathrooms and visitors bathrooms because they don’t have cabinets or counters, which also means less storage space. Additionally, installation can be challenging.

In order for the sink to function, you may even need to relocate plumbing lines, so you’ll need to make sure the wall can handle the weight of the sink. You should probably just pay a plumber to do it correctly.


Similar options are pedestal sinks, which have a more traditional, tidy vibe. Compared to wall-mount sinks, they are also simpler to install.

The pedestal beneath the sink indicates that the wall and floor are both supporting the sink’s weight. Additionally, you shouldn’t need to reroute pipes because the pipes should be hidden by the pedestal as long as they pass through the wall rather than the floor.

Pedestal sinks are nevertheless incredibly space-efficient because the pedestal is still much less substantial than a whole cabinet. Pedestal sinks share the same issue with storage space as wall mount sinks, though.


Last but not least, console sinks combine elements of pedestal and wall-mounted sinks with a dash of cabinetry. Even though the sink is mounted to the wall, it has legs to support its weight.

It might just have two front legs or four, one on each corner. That is essentially all a console sink is at its most basic.

Some console sinks do, however, feature extra counter space around the perimeter of the sink basin. Most don’t provide any storage, however others do have one or two shelves beneath the sink.

Compared to the typical pedestal or wall mount sink, these kinds of additions provide a little bit extra storage, but the open design prevents small bathrooms from feeling overly crowded.

WHAT CHARACTERSISTICS DO YOU SEEK IN A GOOD BATHROOM SINK? There are a few additional factors to take into account to ensure that you are selecting a high-quality bathroom sink that works for you, in addition to the appropriate sort of sink for your space and needs.

A Comparison of Form and Function For many of us, having the ideal-looking sink is important, but don’t overlook practicality.

For instance, square sinks can have a contemporary feel, but cleaning the angles and corners can be challenging. The majority of matte finishes are the same.

Traditional bathroom sinks have a glossy finish for a reason: the smooth surface makes spills easier to clean up.

MATERIAL Sink material is a related consideration. Almost any color you can imagine is available in ceramics and enameled cast iron, and they are both generally simple to keep.

On the other hand, choosing a copper sink has a lot more limitations and requires more upkeep because the color is one of the key charms.

And keep in mind that durability is also influenced by the material you choose. Glass sinks, for instance, can be elegant and striking but are very delicate; perhaps save them for a posh master bath and choose something more robust, like cast iron or vitreous china, for the kids’ bathroom.

FILTERS HOLES You should also check that the sink you select has the appropriate number of faucet holes and the appropriate distance between them for the majority of sink varieties.

You only need one faucet hole if you want a single handle faucet. However, if the faucet has a deck plate to hide the additional holes, you can choose a three-hole sink.

You’ll need three if you want a broad or center positioned faucet. The holes on either side should be 4 inches apart for a faucet that is center positioned. The spacing options are more flexible with widespread faucets.

REVIEWS OF THE BEST BATHROOM SINKS Now that you understand how to select the ideal bathroom sink for your requirements, let’s review the top five models.

American Standard Edgemere Four Centers Sink Top (OUR TOP PICK)

The American Standard Edgemere Sink is our top choice. This versatile white porcelain sink may be used as either a console sink or pedestal sink.

Simply purchase 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks? 6 and the corresponding 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks? 7 or 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks? 8 to fit beneath it. A mounting kit for both is included with the sink top.

The rectangular sink features three holes that are precisely positioned for a center-set faucet. Three back overflow drain holes are also present.

3 What Are The Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks? 9 also includes a ton of other complementary bathroom fittings in addition to the sink.

PROS can be utilized as a pedestal sink or a console sink. The pedestal has a straightforward shape and is made of matching white porcelain. Under the sink, the console stand includes a solid surface glass shelf, a built-in hand towel rack, and a chrome finish. a one-year limited warranty is included. CONS The expense of purchasing the basin as well as the console or pedestal increases. Lack of storage may necessitate removing current counters and cabinetry. Drop In Sinks 0



The only vessel bathroom sink on our list is also the greatest value sink we’ve found.

Despite being inexpensive, this sink has a chic, contemporary feel thanks to its rectangular shape and vessel style. The sink is also simple to clean and maintain thanks to its rounded corners and porcelain ceramic material.

Additionally, those rounded edges make things a little bit safer as you stutter around your bathroom before you’ve had enough coffee to fully awaken.

PROS High-end appearance at an affordable price robust and simple to clean the shape of a rectangle with rounded corners CONS Flat bottoms might prevent water from draining correctly and cause it to collect at the bottom. might have minor manufacturing flaws Drop In Sinks 1



Even more flexible than our top option, the Kohler Reve. Drop In Sinks 2 can be used as a wall-mount sink by itself, in conjunction with Drop In Sinks 3 as a pedestal sink, or with Drop In Sinks 4 as a semi-pedestal sink.

The shroud conceals the pipes beneath the sink but does not offer the same level of support as a full pedestal.

Considering that the sink is made of fireclay, it resembles vitreous china, porcelain, or ceramic while being considerably more durable. The version that is linked above only has a single faucet hole, however Drop In Sinks 5 is also an option.

Drop In Sinks 6 is also offered by Kohler.

PROS Suitable for use as a pedestal, wall-mounted, or semi-pedestal sink. fantastic for tiny bathrooms crafted from enduring fireclay One-year limited warranty included CONS High cost, especially when you consider the pedestal or shroud costs does not offer storage Drop In Sinks 7



Another Kohler sink is up next.

This sink has a sleek, contemporary appearance thanks to the undermount installation and square shape, but its vitreous China construction and glossy white color ensure that it goes with a variety of bathroom decoration styles.

The Kohler Drop In Sinks 8 can be ordered with properly sized cutouts already created for simpler DIY installation even though Kohler doesn’t sell matching tubs, toilets, or other fixtures.

A one-year limited warranty is included with the Kohler Verticyl Rectangle Undermount Bathroom Sink.

PROS compatible with ADA simple and adaptable style Perfectly matches pre-cut vanity tops from Kohler Solid/Expressions. CONS Drop In Sinks 9 must be used in conjunction with a wall- or counter-mount faucet.



One more Kohler sink rounds off our lineup.

This drop-in sink has unmatched longevity thanks to its construction from enameled cast iron. This sink may be used with virtually any bathroom design thanks to its typical oval shape and rounded bottom.

And it’s not only for white people. In actuality, this sink comes in eight different hues.

Even in terms of faucets, it allows you flexibility. It is available with an Undermount Sinks 0, an Undermount Sinks 1 for center set faucets, and an Undermount Sinks 2 for widespread faucets.

Versatile options for style, color, and faucet incredibly robust enameled cast iron Limited warranty for a year CONS If the enamel is damaged, will almost surely rust. Undermount Sinks 3

PERSONAL FINAL VIEWS OF BATHROOM SINKS You ought to now understand how to pick the ideal sink for your house. Since the sinks we’ve included here range widely in type, material, decorative aesthetic, and price range, it should be simple for you to make a decision.

The American Standard Edgemere is our favorite sink because of its adaptability, attractive appearance, and longevity, but none of these sinks are subpar and can each be a terrific option for just about any home. Choose the sink that best meets your needs by taking into account your available space, personal preferences, budget, and intended use.





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