I’ve already started preparing for my two-week trip to Europe in June, and I always like to travel with a small backpack rather than a handbag. It fits my phone, my water bottle, my camera, and just enough place remains for a small memento. I love backpacks since they free up my arms, and I do the same when going on a beach vacation.

My attachment to the Herschel brand has recently grown; their extra-small backpack, model pale gray colorway , is the ideal size. I needed a new bag for this summer’s travels because my dependable black flowery one (the one I include among my travel necessities) was worn out.

The pale gray backpack I bought needed some personalization, so I took it to my neighborhood screenprinting and embroidery shop to have the black flower accent added to spruce it up. I was searching for a slightly more contemporary design, but my options were few, so I chose a straightforward floral stem in black and white thread.

If you’re interested in learning how I embroidered this backpack, I’ll be showing you today in my Instagram stories.

When I’m sightseeing, I prefer to wear a backpack since the supple straps don’t press into my shoulder. I persuaded my fellow travelers to bring backpacks, too! There are so many adorable ones available, and I’ve gotten so attached to mine that I now carry it home as well.

One piece of advice for travelers: always be vigilant for pickpockets and your surroundings! I’ll wear my bag on the front of my body in crowded situations or on trains merely to keep an eye on the zippers. I don’t care if it appears ridiculous for a moment; I’d rather have my cash and credit cards:)

PS: As I’ve already explained, when I travel to Europe, I bring a couple dresses because they’re so cozy and suitable for both day and night. The red striped cami dress is from a place I like to buy cheap summer dresses; the one I’m wearing costs under $20.:)





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