1 Why Cant I Get A Snake Down A Bathtub Drain? Wrong Size Drain Snake Flawed Drain Snake Too Much Force Blockage Is Too Big 2 Conclusion You may need to use some classic plumbers’ tools when performing DIY home maintenance. A drain snake is one of these.

When procedures like boiling water and vinegar have failed to clear clogs from your bathtub’s plumbing, a motorized snake can be utilized to remove them.

You should keep certain fundamental safety precautions in mind if you’re utilizing a snake for the first time. The snake can decide not to enter your drain.

There are a couple possible causes for this, assuming you’re inserting it correctly.

Making sure you’re utilizing the appropriate pipe and snake are always the first things to take if you’re having problems putting your snake into the drain.

The snake won’t fit inside your bathtub’s bottom drain. The snake cannot maneuver around the pipe’s extremely acute bend.
The snake should be inserted into the overflow pipe located behind your overflow cover instead.
Additionally, you should be aware that a plastic sink snake won’t work to clear this kind of clog. Snakes with motors are more robust.
They use a motor, as the name suggests, to reach within your pipes far enough to reach the clog and pull it out.
Here are several factors that could hinder progress, assuming that everything has been taken care of.

incorrect-sized drain snake If the snake won’t fit through the pipe’s entrance, you know you have the incorrect size. If not, the product’s size may be incorrect if you are having problems inserting it farther than a few inches into the overflow pipe.

Your tub’s bottom aperture is only 1.5 inches wide. Even if the pipe itself becomes slightly wider, there isn’t much room for maneuver.
A modest drum auger may usually clear most bathtub jams. These are made with cables that have a maximum length of 25 feet.
They can be easily manipulated through tiny pipes because they are quite thin.

Find out what function your drain snake is designed to perform. Does it manage all kinds of clogs? Or is it made specifically for a particular kind of pipe?

You can figure out the make and model if you don’t know by asking a plumber.

DRAWN SNAKE WITH FLAWS In some cases, the issue is unrelated to the pipe size. You can have problems inserting the drain snake if it has damage from prior use or a manufacturing issue.

Some of the things to look for include the following:

Are all of the parts working as they ought to? Are there any remnants of previous clogs stuck to the drain snake if it has been used before? Has any of the equipment developed damage from prior use? You might need to replace the snake if it is broken or if you are unable to get rid of the old trash. An unreliable model won’t fit through your plumbing.

OVERUSE OF FORCE Using excessive force is one of the beginner’s most frequent errors. You must proceed slowly to avoid possible harm as you feed the snake through the conduit. Your ultimate objective is to detect the clog’s resistance.

The model may twist or bend back if you push it too quickly out of impatience. A plumber would need to fix the issue if the snake got trapped in the drain as a result of this.

If you accidentally pulled the cable too far, try to gently draw it back until it comes out of the pipe. Then try once more.
If the snake appears to be caught in the pipe, you shouldn’t try to force it out. Simply leave it alone and call a plumber.

Make sure you’re only inserting a few inches of the cable at a time. Take frequent breaks. You might need to spend several minutes on this, depending on how deep the clog is.

Blockage is excessive. A drain snake can easily handle the majority of obstructions. However, sometimes the obstruction is too great.
It could be too large for the snake to pick up or too impacted for the snake to move at all.

This is particularly likely if you’ve put off declogging your tub until it’s entirely plugged. Standing water is a sign that there is no drainage, thus the blockage is much worse than a small clump of hair and soap.

CONCLUSION It’s not always essential to use a motorized snake to unclog a bathtub. You can start by attempting some do-it-yourself options.
However, a snake might be your best bet if the obstruction is formed of matted hair that is stuck deep inside the pipes.

If your snake refuses to enter the bathtub drain, there may be a problem with the snake’s size, your technique, or the snake itself. Make sure to use the appropriate model for your plumbing and to adhere to all manufacturer guidelines.

Double-check for debris and damage on older models.

It’s time to call a plumber if you’ve tried all of these troubleshooting techniques and the snake is still giving you problems. At that time, a specialist must clear the clog.

Because you weren’t sure how to use the tools at your disposal, you don’t want to run the danger of ruining your pipes.





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