I made the decision to add a faux fur rug to my living room during the previous holiday season in order to up the coziness level. When I began looking for one, I learned that even the inexpensive 57s cost approximately $200, so I came up with a less expensive solution.

Perhaps you weren’t aware of it last year since everyone was so enamored with my paper leaf garland, which was really the focal point, and the faux fur rug just slipped past you.

When I opened up the Christmas closet this weekend and discovered my folded faux fur fabric hidden away, I immediately recalled that I had completely forgotten to blog about the rug from the previous season.

My secret is that it’s just fabric, yes. My previous rug was simply covered with faux fur fabric, and that was it.

The most convenient faux fur rug ever.

I brought it back for the fall, and you can bet it will show up for a holiday home tour next month.

Many faux fur fabrics come in 60 width and are quite thick. By using an existing 57 rug in your home as its base, you can build a 57 faux faux fur rug with a purchase of 3 yards. This will prevent sliding. I just tucked mine in around the borders, but you could also attach it to your current rug with a few safety pins.

The ability to more simply fold it up and put it away after the winter season is why I prefer the synthetic fur fabric rug layering trick over a real faux fur rug. After all, I only need something to step on and give cozier texture between November and February, not a fur rug for the entire year.

By using hot glue to affix a fabric like this (costing less than $10 per yard) on a non-slip rug pad like this , you might make a bigger 810 faux fur rug.

Or try the following with these additional faux fur fabric yards:






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