Happy weekend! Like many of you, I’m in the midst of planning for Thanksgiving and purchasing gifts this week. I’m planning my grocery list and preparing the table for Thanksgiving. Next week, I’ll also be sharing some gift suggestions with you.

I decided to start it off with 8 items I use daily and adore; these would make wonderful presents for you or a loved one!

I don’t carry a traditional wallet; instead, I keep my bank and credit cards in this iphone wallet . Just enough space is also available for a few punch cards or gift cards. My go-to daily bag, the baggallini crossbody , has just enough pockets for my cellphone, makeup, and other essentials. From morning workouts to afternoon carpool, the Mira double walled water bottle is by my side. (Also less expensive than Swell)

I purchased this fluted contrast mug in Copenhagen. I adore the way it looks, and when I hold it full of my morning coffee, it feels great. This coffee vac looks fantastic on my counter and maintains freshness for beans. I’ve been using the best daily SPF 50 sunscreen for over a year; it’s soft and incredibly hydrating. However, it IS WORTH IT. I use one of these Peel Pads every other morning since they keep my skin looking radiant all day. I use POREfessional multiple times a day to maintain my skin’s pristine appearance.

favorites from the week’s links
Always great is the One Room Challenge . This iphone wallet 0 was very wonderful.
iphone wallet 1 should keep in mind six points.
Retailers of furniture who appreciate iphone wallet 2.
Yum! Slow cooker iphone wallet 3
You desire smooth mashed potatoes. iphone wallet 4 .
I just just started eating brussels sprouts. Here are some important iphone wallet 5.
Math professionals’ advice on how to win the iphone wallet 6.
Interesting: iphone wallet 7 in current times.
Seven things to think about before AA18.

Also keep in mind that until December 17th, iphone wallet 9 will be giving away 100 tools and $1,000 in cash each week. Information baggallini crossbody 0!





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