A drywall screw gun is your best ally when working on a big project. These tools’ push-driven motors, customizable depths, and high speeds accelerate installation.
But if you do a fast search, you’ll discover there are a ton of possibilities available.
Avoid feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. We’ve selected the top.
Here are the top drywall screw guns of 2022, whether you’re searching for a collated screw gun or something affordable.

GUN BEST DRYWALL SCREW Makita XSF03R Cordless Drywall Screwdriver Kit (Top Pick) (Top Pick) Best Budget, Ryobi 18 V Brushless Drywall Screw Gun (Top High-End) Dewalt Collated Attachment (Best Collated Option) (Best Collated Option) Rigid R600 Screwdriver (Top Corded) (Top Corded) SCREW GUNS: THE TYPES GUN DRYWALL SCREW For drywall installers or any do-it-yourselfer working on a big space, drywall screw guns are fantastic. They operate somewhat differently while being comparable to drills.

The clutch on drywall screw guns is pressure-driven. Thus, the engine starts up when you drive a screw into the drywall.
The motor disengages when the screw descends to the desired depth.

The ability to choose the desired screw depth is another fantastic feature. Even while it could take a few tries to get the depth just right, once you do, using a drywall screw gun instead of a drill will significantly speed up the installation of new drywall.

Collapsible screw guns for dry walls You can attach a strip of collated screws to a gun using a collated screw gun or a collated attachment. Considering that you won’t have to manually install screws, this will save you time.

COMMON SCREW GUNS A drywall screw gun is extremely comparable to a conventional screw gun. These instruments might not have enough force, nevertheless, to drive screws in big drywall projects.

Get a screw gun designed exclusively for drywall if you’re spending money on one.

ORDINED AND CORDLESS There are corded and cordless drywall screw gun choices available. Many of the more recent versions, such as those from Ryobi and Dewalt, are cordless.

Although this is practical, it’s a good idea to keep extra batteries on hand for big jobs.
There are also corded choices available. The fact that you won’t experience unexpected power loss is the main advantage of utilizing a corded drywall gun.
However, if the cord isn’t long enough, it may be dangerous, and you’d have to keep switching plugs.
If you’re working in a house where the power isn’t yet on, corded choices are likewise not recommended.

What distinguishes a screw gun from a drill? Screw guns and drills have a lot in common. To hang drywall, you can use a drill with a drywall attachment.

However, use a drywall screw gun if you want to expedite the procedure. You may adjust the depth using a screw gun so that your screws are neat and positioned correctly in the wall.

Additionally, the majority of more recent versions incorporate a pressure-driven clutch that starts the motor when you push the screw into the drywall and shuts it off when the screw has reached the right depth.



The bare tool is all that often comes with drywall screw guns. So, the Makita XSF03R should be a consideration if you’re searching for a well regarded drywall screw gun that also comes with a battery and charger.

Push-driven technology of the Makita makes for quick drywall installation. Only when you press the screw against the drywall does the motor turn on.
Additionally, it has a brushless motor, extending the battery’s life.
Installing subfloors, backer boards, and decking is made easier with the Makita, a potent screw gun that can drill through metal framing.

PROS: Push-drive engineering long-lasting battery No-brush motor includes a battery and a charger; spins at 0–4,000 RPMs There are no obvious drawbacks. This is a top-notch, highly rated tool. Buy The Makita XSF03R Cordless Drywall Screwdriver Kit On Amazon


Consider including this in your toolkit if you have other Ryobi goods and are on a tighter budget. This is by no means a “cheap” or low-quality drywall screw gun, despite being less expensive than other alternative options.

Ryobi can operate at strong speeds of up to 4,700 RPMs. When you press the screw into the wall, a powerful pressure-driven clutch that is built into it engages.

Because of its brushless motor, the battery life is extended.

The absence of a charger or battery is this tool’s main drawback. So, this might not be the best deal after all if you don’t already own other Ryobi tools.

PROS: Motor with variable speed, 0-4,700 RPMs a clutch driven by pressure No-brush motor minuscule and silent Cons: No battery or charger included. Longer screws have been causing some users problems. Buy The Ryobi 18 V Brushless Drywall Screw Gun On Amazon

Dewalt 20V Max XR Drywall Screw Gun (High-End)

You can’t go wrong with a DeWalt drywall screw gun if you want one that is incredibly durable and will endure for years. This variant is compatible with the collated attachment even though it is a bare tool only (you must purchase a battery and charger).

The Dewalt Screw Gun DCF620B, like the other models we’ve discussed, includes a brushless motor for efficiency and longer battery life. Additionally, it contains an LED light for illuminating dim, challenging situations.

The high rates of this model may reach 4,400 RPMs, which is faster than the screw gun from Dewalt that is corded.

PROS: No-brush motor ferocious rotations at 4,400 RPMs appropriate for the collated attachment drywall screw gun that is cordless LED lighting CONS: lacks the necessary charger or 20-volt lithium-ion battery. Collated attachment must be purchased separately Buy The DeWalt 20V Max XR Drywall Screw Gun On Amazon


Strips of collated screws are fed through collated screw guns for a quicker installation process. However, the majority of cordless guns don’t come with collated choices; they need to be attached.

The Dewalt Screw Gun DCF620B that we just discussed is compatible with this adapter. You can still fit into small spaces because of its narrow nose.

Additionally, the collated attachment is reasonably priced. It has received positive reviews, earning 4.5 out of 5 stars from more than 500 customers on Amazon.

PROS: Slim nose, maneuverable using the Dewalt Screw Gun DCF620B reasonably affordable will expedite your work CONS: A few consumers complain about irregular braking distance. Many users lament the lack of drive bits. Buy The Dewalt Collated Attachment On Amazon


Unbelievably, finding a corded screw gun is more difficult than finding a cordless one. Fortunately, the Rigid R600 Drywall Screwdriver is corded, affordable, and well regarded.

You can modify the screw depth with this tool’s movable nose piece. Additionally, it has an ergonomic trigger, an auto stop brush, and a 6.5 amp motor.

A limited three-year warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee are offered with the Rigid R600.

PROS: Affordable depth-adjustable 6.5 amp motor Corded Few, as this is a reliable corded choice. Buy The Rigid R600 Screwdriver On Amazon

LAST THOUGHTS If you’re considering purchasing a drywall screw gun. It most certainly is.
Although drywall screws can potentially be installed with a drill, a screw gun will make the job go more quickly.

You can adjust the depth for consistent screwing with these power tools. The majority also include pressure-driven technology, which starts the motor when the motor is pressed against drywall and shuts it off when the screw at the right depth.

Get yourself a high-quality screw gun if you want your drywall screws to look tidy, be at the right depths, and for the process to move more quickly. They work well for both seasoned installers and huge DIY jobs.





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