Kale is being hailed as the newest “wonder food,” and you should add it to your diet because of its high nutritional content and antioxidant properties. Try these ten original ways to use kale!

10 DIFFERENT WAYS TO USE KALE 1. IN SWEETENIES The health-conscious are increasingly turning to green smoothies for breakfast, although the green of preference is typically spinach. Kale is a fantastic alternative because it has a subtle flavor that you can’t taste when combined with fruit and is just as nutritious, if not more so. Try several combinations until you find your favorite because it goes great with almost anything, including apples, pineapple, and berries. Thick stems can be better left out as they might not integrate well and add a slightly bitter flavor.

MAKE CHIPS 2. Kale chips are a simple solution if you want crunchy snack foods like potato chips and other meals but want a healthy choice. Simply chop a head of kale into chips-sized pieces to prepare them. They should be tossed with a little salt and olive oil before being baked for about 15 minutes at 400 degrees. Enjoy the chips as a wholesome and nourishing snack after they have cooled. By adding your preferred seasonings, you may personalize your chips. A healthy tasty chip without preservatives, bad oils, or other ingredients you might not want to eat can be made with curry powder, chili powder, or even a little Parmesan cheese.

3. INCLUDE IT IN SOUPS Kale is an easy addition to your preferred soup. Just cut it into bite-sized pieces and sauté it either before adding the liquid or just before serving. If you add it first, it will be lot gentler. Additionally, kale tastes great in pureed soups, especially when combined with other leafy greens. It complements tomatoes, garlic, white beans, and curry well, but due to its mild flavor, you can incorporate it into practically any soup or stew.

4. MAKE A DELICIOUS SALAD. You might not find eating kale raw all that appetizing, but that’s only because it needs to be massaged to prevent it from becoming difficult to chew. Put your kale in a bowl after you have simply torn it into bite-sized pieces. To soften the leaves, add a pinch of salt and gently rub the pieces with your fingers for a few minutes. In addition to bell peppers, onions, and robust veggies like winter squash (try roasting it before adding it to the salad), kale also pairs beautifully with dried cranberries and blue cheese.

5. WRAP IT WITH IT Although, like a salad, you might want to massage the kale’s thick, rough leaves slightly before using them as a wrap (but be cautious not to rip the leaves! ), they do form lovely wraps.

When filled with turkey and cheese, chicken or tuna salad, or even taco filling, these can be used as low-carb wraps. Almost everything that can be made into a sandwich can be wrapped. Use spreads or dressings sparingly, as the additional moisture may cause the leaves to wilt.

MAKE PESTO 6. Pesto is typically made with basil, but kale pesto is a more nutritious, high-fiber alternative that works well as a sauce, sandwich spread, or dip. If you still desire the flavor of fresh basil, you can either use simply kale as the base for your pesto or replace half of the basil in your recipe with kale leaves. After that, simply combine all of the ingredients in a food processor as usual and process until the desired consistency is achieved. Use kale pesto everywhere you would use regular pesto for a healthier sauce that is still rich and tasty.

7. Spread it out in a CASSEROLE. Kale is great in lasagna, and the added nutritious value it provides may help ease some of the guilt associated with eating such a high-calorie dish. The lush dark green can even be chopped, sautéed, and added to mac and cheese. It also goes nicely in casseroles made with sweet potatoes and winter squash.

8. Include it in muffins or quick breads. Why not try using kale if you like zucchini bread? When combined with Parmesan cheese, it has a moderate flavor and adds nutrients and fiber to your morning muffin in addition to creating a delectable savory muffin. Beat some eggs with a little milk, add some freshly chopped kale, and perhaps even some chopped bacon for a quick, low-carb morning muffin. As soon as the eggs are cooked, pour into muffin tins and bake. On a busy morning, these freeze well for a super-quick, healthy breakfast.

Imbibe 9. Kale is a popular vegetable that inventive bartenders have been using to create distinctive cocktails. You can incorporate kale into your next cocktail in a few different ways. The first method calls for putting vodka and kale leaves in a jar and letting them steep for a few weeks. Then you may incorporate it into your preferred gimlet or martini. The alternative entails juicing the kale and then mixing it with your preferred liquor in a drink. Kale juice pairs beautifully with pineapple and lime, or you can add it to your gin and tonic as an extra ingredient. Even though there won’t be much nutrition in your kale cocktails, they do offer fun and interest to any party and will undoubtedly have your guests talking.

10. PREPARE A EASY SIDE DISH Simply sautéing kale in little olive oil and a little garlic is one of the best ways to eat it. It is simple to cook and produces a delectable side dish that fits with anything.

A tiny bit of garlic should be sautéed in a heated pan at medium heat. After adding, mix the kale leaves until they are wilted. Add a squeeze of lemon and a bit of salt for seasoning, and you’re done. Remember that cooking causes greens to wilt significantly, so the amount of that enormous head of kale will be much less than you anticipated.

For a tasty, healthful lunch, serve these greens with roasted meats, pan-seared fish, or pasta and cheese.

We would especially like to thank Chef Works for sharing these fantastic kale recipe suggestions. What concepts will you test?

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