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WOMEN OVER 40 SHOULD PURCHASE A FEW THINGS FOR THEMSELVES! I’ve put up a list of the top 10 things I think women over 40 should treat themselves to just because as I approach my 40th birthday.

Since turning 40, I’ve suddenly become more eager to invest in things that I never would have previously. I’m not sure why, exactly. And looking back on the items I’ve bought for myself, I’m baffled as to why the heck I waited till I turned 40 to reward myself to them. Do yourself a favor and stop waiting till you turn 40 if you are reading this and are not yet that age.

Let me emphasize two points before we move on to my list of 10 items that any woman over 40 should buy for herself. First off, I would classify the items on this list as “luxury” stuff. At least not in my environment, these are not regular indulgences. These are somewhat significant, and many of them are quite pricey. Consequently, I arrive to my second point. I’m not advising you to spend lavishly on every item on this list at once! I’m progressively crossing things off my list, but some of them will require me to save up money and daydream about them for long time before I actually make the purchase. In that case, I suppose it’s more of a “bucket list” of stuff I want to buy for myself. Hopefully, that was clear.

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10 Items that Women Over 40 Should Purchase for Theirself 1) A nice set of pajamas If this seems strange, allow me to clarify. I’ve slept in worn-out t-shirts and boxer shorts or cheap pajamas from Old Navy that I got on sale for 40% of their regular price throughout the entirety of my adult life. I would then continue to wear them until they were completely unpresentable to anyone outside of my close family and had holes in them. No thanks. So I made the decision a while back that life is too short to wear worn-out pajamas. I have placed an order for a pretty excellent pair of Soma Pajamas . I really wish I had done it ten years ago. They are really lovely and comfortable! Amazing fabric for cool nights. I can now say that I’m addicted to fancy pajamas.

It doesn’t matter where you order them from or how they look; all that matters is that they look great and feel fantastic. And to do that, you’ll probably have to spend more money than you’ve ever spent on pajamas. Simply go for it. You’ll owe me thanks.

There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves! Now that I

2. High-quality leggings – Okay, everyone… Have you ever seen a middle-aged woman bending over in a pair of leggings while you were out in public and thought, “Oh good, Lord! That woman’s skin is clearly visible through those leggings. No thanks. Not at all cool. The fact that she was likely wearing leggings as pants, which I completely oppose, is also a side point that these leggings are too thin. You need a great, thick, and incredibly comfortable pair of leggings, ladies. You will also need to pay a little more money because of this. I recently purchased these Spanx leggings leggings for myself, and I will never go back to wearing cheap, thin leggings. I only wear dresses or tunics long enough to conceal my butt because leggings aren’t pants, as again, I digress. My leggings are beautiful and thick, so no one will see my flesh even when I stoop.

There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves! Now that I

The third option, a meal delivery service, may not be suitable for everyone, but if you are even slightly dissatisfied with your weight or eating patterns, you should seriously think about Bistro MD . In order to help you eat more nutritous foods in sensible portions and lose weight (if that’s your aim), Bistro MD offers a variety of meal plans. The problem is this. I normally chose healthful foods, but I was overeating. I had completely forgotten what typical serving sizes were. Like, it was a genuine circumstance. So I placed a 4-week order for Bistro MD. I considered it a “brain reset.” The cuisine was excellent, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Lean Cuisine and other frozen “diet meals” that you may have tried in the past are nothing like this. Although I would have liked to continue doing it permanently, the 4 weeks were sufficient for retraining my mind about portion sizes. And having all of my meals and sandwiches prepared for four weeks was a real delight.

It wasn’t at all strange, despite my fears, to eat separate meals from my family. After heating up my meals, I would put them on a regular plate and eat as usual. It was actually of no consequence at all.

There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves! Now that I

4) An excellent pair of jeans – Spoil yourself with an excellent pair of jeans. I’ve worn extremely cheap jeans my entire life; think $20. However, my close friend from college would not stop praising Madewell Jeans . I did, however, order a pair for myself. I had serious doubts that the price tag on these jeans would be justified. However, I must say that they are really fantastic. And since I am not a slim supermodel, I was even more dubious about the high-waist dilemma. But I also think they’re more flattering, in addition to being more comfy. So, yes, excellent purchase. Even though Madewell might not be the finest brand for you, look about and discover a pair of decent, high-quality jeans for yourself!

There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves! Now that I

5) Something that you can use to keep your home clean without having to do any work- I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of having dog hair on my floors. I also don’t want to constantly sweep, vacuum, or dust. Using Sweet Brown’s phrase, “Ain’t nobody got time for that” Nope. Without doing the work, I want spotless floors. Does that mean I’m pampered or lazy? Maybe. However, I plan to purchase an Soma Pajamas 0 this year. The Roomba will have to be something I treat myself to as my hubby isn’t a fan. Possibly for Christmas;

Soma Pajamas 1

6) High-quality skin care products: I started paying attention to my skin about six months before I turned forty. I’m incredibly fortunate to have “excellent” skin, but I recognized I could definitely do more to maintain it. But I had never made a sizable investment in skin care (I mean, seriously, if I washed my face, it was with whatever soap was in the shower). I was therefore curious but a little bit shocked when I heard the price when a good friend of mine started using and selling Soma Pajamas 2 Soma Pajamas 3 Soma Pajamas 4. But after giving it some thought, I realized that our skin, like our heart or lungs, is an organ. Then I started to feel a little better about using the money for it. Better but still not perfect.

However, I later used the goods. And I was absolutely fine with the price I paid for them. I’m not claiming that Soma Pajamas 2 Soma Pajamas 3 Soma Pajamas 4 s is the best option for everyone, though. Even I do not adore each and every one of their things. But regardless of the brand, I believe ladies over 40 should treat themselves to high-quality skin care!

Soma Pajamas 5

7) A statement coat—you guys, life is too short to wear uninteresting jackets, in my opinion. This previous Winter, I purchased the Soma Pajamas 6 for myself, but if I hadn’t, I would now be purchasing that Soma Pajamas 7. You don’t have to spend a bunch (I paid less than $100 for my pink coat because I bought it when it was 50% off).

I recently heard my smart friend Thea say, “I’ve just decided I’m not going to do any sort of exercise that I don’t love anymore.” Soma Pajamas 8 Soma Pajamas 9 8) A piece of workout equipment that you LOVE. It was such an oddly eye-opening statement for me, you guys! I used to be a swimmer when I was younger, and I still like swimming today, but I never do it because I find it to be so time-consuming and inconvenient. Although I would like to, I detest running. I wish I like lifting weights, but I don’t. I came to the conclusion that spinning is the ONLY other kind of exercise I have ever enjoyed. I therefore sold my treadmill last week and ordered an There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves! Now that I0.

The choice was made in part because Joe will benefit from biking during his rehabilitation from impending hip surgery. But it was also very much influenced by my certainty that I will workout more because I really enjoy spinning. It is a hefty investment, yes. I almost felt queasy after giving them my payment details. However, I believe that was a wise choice for me. I will update you. It will be delivered the next day. But I’m going to have to put off getting my Roomba for a bit due to the GIANT cost of this bike.

There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves! Now that I1

9) Decent makeup – I’ve never actually worn much makeup, mainly because I have no idea how to apply it and have ZERO beauty abilities. Well, I got rosacea around the time I turned 39. I therefore frequently have red cheeks, but not in a cute way. But I don’t want to cover my entire face in foundation. I tried a ton of cheap concealers, and they were all terrible. I then gave one concealer of “moderate” quality a try; while it was better, it wasn’t amazing. So I eventually started looking for a premium concealer to cover up redness. It then brought me to this There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves! Now that I2There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves! Now that I3. It costs more than $30 for a little, insignificant tub of concealer. WHAT?! The effectiveness of only a tiny drop of this concealer amazed me, so I drove myself to There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves! Now that I4 and tried it. I only need to dab it on my cheeks; I don’t need to use it elsewhere. I don’t need to apply makeup on the rest of my face, and it blends wonderfully.

Now, this concealer may not work for you at all if you don’t have any rosacea or redness issues. BUT the point is that cosmetics for women over 40 undoubtedly needs to be updated. I’ve come to the conclusion that when it comes to makeup, you get what you paid for.

There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves! Now that I5

10) A statement bag: Let me begin by noting that I don’t believe a statement bag needs to be pricey. I have carried my FAVORITE statement bag from Target for almost three years, and it cost $40. And I still absolutely adore it. But you ought to carry a purse that you adore and that reflects your personality wherever you go. You won’t be surprised to learn that I adore a vibrant purse. I’m smitten with this blue. There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves! Now that I6 . There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves! Now that I7

There you have it, then. These are the ten things I believe women over 40 should indulge in. Don’t do it all at once, and avoid incurring debt. But make a list of the things on your “bucket list” that you truly want to do for yourself during the next five years or so. Your future self will be grateful to you.

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