Over the years, not much has changed in our main bedroom. The colors, textures, and wood tones have not changed, but the linens and furnishings have been switched out throughout time. While I fawn over so many creative spaces, I retreat to the solace I find in classic and conventional design for my own bedroom. We retire to this room at the end of the day, and while I might experiment with design in other places, I just want two things in this room: simplicity and serenity. The idea that this room has been a constant in our lives despite our home being renovated, our family growing, and us moving careers is comforting.

I’ve always tried to strike a balance between the softness that comes with crystal embellishments and softly textured linens and the masculinity that comes with the dark wood tones and olive green carpets. After all, they both share this master bedroom. I’ve never wished for anything that is overly trendy, garish, or startling here. The room is dominated by plain creams, bronzes, and soft grays and greens. Ralph Lauren’s “Pueblo” is the hue of the walls.


The first year we were married, we bought the vintage Drexel Heritage furniture. We saw the fact that it had been owned by a couple who had been married fifty years as a good omen when we acquired it. In actuality, these parts were discovered and taken home by Mr. CG. The highboy is shown here, facing my husband. Since our previous beveled vanity mirror from the master bathroom didn’t fit the new master bathroom , I simply flipped it over and placed it behind the highboy to let additional light into the space. Then I strung some wedding photos frames from ribbons.

highboy crop
You regular readers have already seen this fabric covered headboard with nailhead trim. Earlier this year, I made.
Last year, I placed a special order for the chandelier at Home Depot.
master bed and chandy
From our wedding registry, the damask duvet is a Ralph Lauren product. It has endured for so long. Every summer, I bring it out.
master from window
I recently framed our wedding photo and hung it above our bed because I’m sentimental. From Pier One are the sconces.
sconces and photo

I purchased a sizable, thick, linen-textured poster board from Aaron Brothers as well as a reasonably priced 24″ x 36″ frame. Then, just like with this key art project , I painted and cut some balsam wood and attached it on the poster board.

Close-up DIY framing
The Ballard Terrific Trio table https://www.luckybridals.com/wedding-dresses2 is on the side of the bed that I am on.

A thrift store https://www.luckybridals.com/wedding-dresses4, some of my favorite books, and deep purple blooms from my garden are all on the table.

This rose bush, which I purchased from a nearby nursery two years ago, now flourishes in my backyard beneath a lemon tree.
The crystal vase was a gift for the wedding.

This side table, which Mr. CG got at an antique show, sits on his side of the bed. We once had two slim nightstands on either side of the bed that matched the highboy and dresser as a set, but I decided that it was all too matchy-matchy, so I replaced them with his side table and my Ballard table. The other thrift shop, https://www.luckybridals.com/wedding-dresses8, opened earlier this year.

This sequined celadon accent pillow is one of my favorite color accents.
new master bathroom 0
These glass bottles and aubergine urn.
new master bathroom 1

And on one of our many, many years ago trips to Bellagio, Italy, we came across an original Ernesto Treccani painting at a gallery. Its name is “Maternita,” and it makes me think of all three of my kids. There are just three original works of art in my house. One of them is this.

new master bathroom 2

I’ve owned the store-bought window panels for more than eight years. They have a soft cream and golden flower pattern and are a light grayish celadon tint. I’ve never intentionally lined them since I prefer the way the light looks through them during the day.

new master bathroom 3
Pattern in detail:
new master bathroom 4

A reading chair I got from Calico Corners in a fabric with a bronze lattice pattern has been placed in front of the fireplace for seven or eight years. The rug’s colors are reflected in the olive-colored silk pillow. However, it’s not exactly a reading chair, to be honest. It is a chair that “collects all the undone laundry.” The mound quickly increases in height.

new master bathroom 5
Then there is the part of the room I refer to as the “south side” because it is obviously wrong. Still not.

There are much too many wood pieces placed close together. I adore the antique dresser, the mirror, and the corner armoire made of inlaid wood. The (temporary) dining room chairs are what I dislike. The “south side” will look less like an antique shop if I can find a pair of gorgeous upholstered chairs to sit on either side of this dresser. A pair of upholstered chairs will make this side feel more lighter and more contemporary.

But I really really adore this mirror and this Lladro.
new master bathroom 6

I’ve always adored the Lladro pieces because my grandfather used to buy them for my grandma years ago. My husband gave me this specific Lladro as a gift after the babies were born. How adorable is that? Yet he is not an idiot. He simply points his finger at it whenever I become angry. Smartypants.

new master bathroom 7
These garden hydrangeas carry over the accent colors of purple and green.
new master bathroom 8

Even though my bedroom is traditional, to me it also feels ageless and classic. At the end of the day, it comforts me. I spend time there reading my favorite publications while curled up with my family. Yes, the chairs could use some new upholstery, but if I start to gripe about that, something is wrong with me.

It is mine and it is basic, gentle, and quiet.
It’s ours, after all.
new master bathroom 9

You may have also observed that my bedroom doesn’t have a television. Judging is acceptable if you choose to. Simply put, I’ve never had one in my sleeping area. We’ve previously considered purchasing one, particularly for Saturday mornings when the kids get up way too early and demand their TV while we like to sleep. However, we’ve never really brought one into the area. I don’t think I will, either. Personally, I like the peace and quiet in this place.

wedding photos 0
What is your favorite ornamental item in your bedroom, please?
Do you think it’s okay for there to be a TV in your bedroom? Enjoy it? dislike it? Not possible without it? Share away.





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