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WE HAVE ALL KNOWN LOVED ONES WHO ARE OBSESSED WITH THEIR PETS. THE BEST LIST OF AMAZING GIFT OPTIONS FOR CATS AND DOGS LOVERS IS HERE! If you surprise your favorite animal lover with one of these, you can’t go wrong.

Dear friends: This week’s 12 Weeks of Christmas buying guide, which is the SIXTH in the series, is all about pets. Do you have any pet lovers on your holiday shopping list? Or do you—as we do—purchase presents for your animal family members? If so, this selection of presents for cat and dog lovers will guide your decision-making and make you incredibly well-liked!

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BEST GIFT OPTIONS FOR PET LOVERS Custom Pet Portrait – I had to start with my own favorite item on this list for cat and dog lovers! PERSONALIZED PET PORTRAITS Seriously, though, how fantastic is this? The best part is that I got to know the talented artist that does these gorgeous portraits. She goes by Zoe. You may feel fantastic about ordering such a unique gift from her because she is not only creative but also a real sweetheart. Because I’m giving Joe a portrait of Titan for Christmas this year, I need to take some high-quality, recent pictures of Titan. I sincerely hope Joe isn’t reading this. Act shocked if you are when you open it!

Wine Barrel Pet Bed – My heart is racing, be still! Without a doubt, this is the most incredible pet bed I have ever seen. I adore how comfortable it is for animals and how stylish it is as decor. Gain, gain!

Catnip Fortune Cookies – Whose feline doesn’t adore catnip? Give your cat (or a person who adores cats) one of these cute catnip fortune cookies to cheer them up:)

Concrete Pet Bowls – You all are aware of my affinity for concrete, right? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these lovely concrete pet bowls have to be included on this list of presents for cat and dog lovers. Don’t worry, they are sealed with natural bees wax that is suitable for use in food. cement pet bowls

Cat Lady Phone Case – Have any cat-obsessed relatives or acquaintances that need gifts? This cat lady phone case will undoubtedly be popular.

Pet Gift Box Subscription – On this list of the best presents for cat and dog lovers, this is one of my top choices. You can give the gift of a monthly goodie box for a cat or dog. SO NICE! Select between a one, three, or six-month subscription. It’s wonderful because the staff at PetGiftBox tests all of its options for quality, ingredients, and taste before putting them to the real test by feeding them to their own pets. This saves you a ton of money on trying out new items for your pet. Before putting them in any pet gift boxes, they always make sure they’re a hit. Talk about internal quality assurance.

Cat Ears Ring – With this delicate and stylish ring, the cat lovers in your life will be able to gently declare their affection for felines. Love it!

Thundershirt – Titan, our beloved Boxer, is fortunate to not have anxiety (at least not yet! ), but we know a ton of dogs who do. My friend’s dog suffered serious anxiety, and she swears by this outfit. Its innovative design exerts steady, mild pressure to reduce fear, anxiety, and excessive excitement. The dog of a friend of mine benefited much from it during thunderstorms, fireworks, trick-or-treating, etc.

Custom Pet Portrait 0 – These collars are wonderful since your pet’s ID information is engraved on the collar itself in addition to being quite gorgeous (you know I love all that color and design). No more worrying about the tags coming off or listening to them clink together. Titan is probably going to receive one of these for Christmas:)

Custom Pet Portrait 1 – This charming mug will help a cat enthusiast in your life proudly display their devotion to felines.

Custom Pet Portrait 2 – OMG. I would adore it if someone bought us this among the many dog lover presents available! Titan would appreciate it just as much as Joe and I would. It’s a fact that elegant dog beds are hard to come by, but this one is not only fashionable—I adore that it can be customized!

Custom Pet Portrait 3 – If the dog owners in your life have dogs with hair that is longer than 2 inches, they all need a Furminator pet brush (think Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Labs, Golden Retrievers, etc.). The friends and relatives I know who use it rave about it all the time. It is intended to minimize shedding by up to 90%. Titan is a Boxer, which means that his hair is only about 1/4 of an inch long and that his shedding is manageable.

Custom Pet Portrait 4 – With this fantastic dog breed “blueprint,” which can be personalized with the owner’s dog’s name, you can help your loved ones proudly display their devotion to a particular breed. This suggestion for a gift for dog lovers is FABULOUS!

Custom Pet Portrait 5 – All right, I know nobody loves to speak about dog poop, but this Turdle Bag had to be on this list of presents for dog lovers because it’s so brilliant! “Tasteful solution to a not-so-tasteful problem: what to do with that full bag of dog poo?” is what the Turdlebag is. “Here you are, out on a wonderful stroll, run, or hike and your animal friend decides to do their business,” the app’s designers write. And now you’re searching for a trash can while strolling, sprinting, or hiking with a steaming bag of feces. If you want to make sure you remember to pick up the bag on your way home, you may either attach it to the leash or put it on the sidewalk. Alternatively, you could just put it in your TurdlebagTM. Most importantly, it hangs on your dog’s leash and decreases odor by 80% so you don’t have to carry a dog with your hands full of dog poop! Without a doubt, I’ll be giving this to my hubby for Christmas.

Custom Pet Portrait 6
Custom Pet Portrait 7 – The coolest cat house ever, indisputable. I’ll stop here. I am fixated.

Custom Pet Portrait 8 – Any dog owner who enjoys taking their dogs on lengthy walks will be able to attest to how difficult it can be to keep their pets properly hydrated when on the go. Titan can be difficult to get to drink from, so we always end with carrying a large water bottle. So one of Titan’s gifts this year will be this water bottle that also functions as a bowl:)

It’s done, my friends! The nicest presents I could locate for dog and cat lovers. I’m very excited to buy some of them for my adorable boy Titan!





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