The difficulty of holding a panel in place is well known to anyone who has ever attempted to put drywall on a tall wall or ceiling.

Drywall weighs a lot.

A typical 4 by 8′ drywall sheet that is 12 inch thick weighs 57 pounds. And although that might not seem like much, having to hold it aloft makes it seem like a lot.

So you need a drywall lift if you want to install drywall yourself or give your arms a break.
Here are the top drywall lifts and some information you should know.

2022’s Top Drywall Lifts FDW 11’ Drywall Lift and Hoist (Our Top Pick) (Our Top Pick) Panellift 125 Drywall Lifter (Top High-End) (Top High-End) Stark USA Professionals Series 16’ (Best for High Walls and Ceilings) (Best for High Walls and Ceilings) Vowagh 11’ Drywall Panel Lifter (Best Budget-Friendly) (Best Budget-Friendly) WHAT IS A DRYWALL LIFT? Artist Hand 11’ Rolling Drywall Panel Hoist Special hoists known as “drywall lifts” are used to hold drywall sheets in position on walls or ceilings. They can reduce a three-person job to a one-person job and save your arms and back a ton of work.

The drywall must first be placed where you want it before using a lift. After that, you can screw it into place without having to worry about someone holding it.

And what’s the nicest part of all? These equipment costs are not excessive.

HOW IS A DRYWALL LIFT USED? Start by loading your sheet of drywall into the drywall lift. Most may be adjusted for sheetrock panels that are 8 feet or 12 feet tall.

After loading your drywall, you raise the board to the proper height by using the lift’s wheel. Screw the panel into the wall stud after it is firmly in place.

WHAT AMOUNT OF WEIGHT A DRYWALL LIFT CAN HOLD? The majority of drywall lifts have a 150 pound capacity.

WHAT ARE A DRYWALL LIFT’S DIMENSIONS? Standard drywall lifts can elevate drywall up to 11 feet in the air and can support sheets up to 4 by 16 feet in size. However, the dimensions will vary from model to model, so carefully read them before buying.

HOW HIGH CAN DRYWALL LIFTS REACH? There are drywall lifts that are higher than the industry standard of 11 feet, though. A 19-foot drywall lift was also found, however reports indicate that none of them actually reach that height.

DO YOU NEED TO BUY OR RENT A DRYWALL LIFT? Renting a drywall lift makes the most sense if you’re working on a tiny DIY project that will only take a day or two. You can rent a lift from At Home Depot for either $36 per day or $144 per week.

However, purchasing makes more sense if you’re a serious DIYer, a professional, or working on a huge area. A lift of excellent quality is available for less than $200.



The 11-foot drywall lift





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