“Hello, Centsational Girl readers. This is Jennifer from Style Your Life .” This time of year is all about spring cleaning and updating our wardrobes, in my experience as a full-time wardrobe stylist. These are the eight items I found when shopping online for you, and I believe they are essentials for your spring outfit! I don’t know about you, but I am really enjoying the vibrant spring fashions. Even into 2013, bold color trends are still popular. My favorite hues are turquoise, pink, and coral since they are universally flattering and are colors that anyone can wear. These hues also make my job easier. My top 8 recommendations for adding additional color to your wardrobe this season are as follows: A casual tee is my favorite item in category 8 essentials for spring fashion, as they are dressier than a regular tee shirt. 2. A light-weight cardigan for spring – Layering is essential in the erratic spring weather! A mainstay of any wardrobe is this item. 3. A Button-Down Shirt: A superb button-down is so adaptable! A dress is one of my favorite fashion tools because it completes an ensemble and is great for days when you don’t have much time. These outfits can be worn for work, church, baby showers, and summer. They instantly make your day trendy, AA6!

5. A Chino Pant – The days of “khaki trousers” are long gone, and we now have a wide variety of vibrant chino pants to choose from. It’s time to wear colored pants if you haven’t already! Since you probably have several pieces in your wardrobe that you can pair with your favorite hue, I advise starting there. On to the sprinkles, or as I like to call them, the accessories! This is a great way to include strong spring colors into your wardrobe if you’re hesitant to wear them with larger pieces. 6. A statement necklace – A truly stunning necklace can “make” the ensemble. It really is that simple to put on a simple tee, pants, and a stunning necklace! 7. A Statement Earring – This is where you’ll add your glam factor if you’re wearing a busy or patterned top or dress.

8. A colorful clutch or handbag.

The first is to color block with bold colors from head to toe; an illustration would be a pink t-shirt with yellow leggings. Other wonderful possibilities when wearing bold colors for Spring 2013 include mixing and matching bold colors. Another choice is to wear black, white, and a splash of color—a more recent trend for spring. Be encouraged to combine complementing hues as well; they look stunning done so!





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