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Hello, everybody! I am Amanda, the founder of The Modern Nest , a website designed to assist women in effectively managing their homes despite the busy lifestyles of today. I used to be a chemist but have since become an avid DIY and home decor learner. I spend my leisure time playing on Pinterest , creating printables, or thinking up new projects for my house. Being back at Designer Trapped is wonderful. I’m incredibly thrilled to discuss one of my favorite home décor subjects with you today: how to decorate a bed with pillows!

I could now spend all day thinking about pillows. However, in order to keep things straightforward, we’ll limit our discussion to how pillows are arranged on beds. Once you know what you’re doing, learning how to dress a bed is simple. And I’m here to assist you! All right? Move along!

SETTING UP A BED: 6 SIMPLE Pillow Arrangements The first thing is: Before we go into alternative pillow configurations, I want to first address the perennial question regarding pillows that everyone has when attempting to decorate a bed: how many pillows are the “proper” number to have?

I’m sorry to break your bubble, but there isn’t really a “correct” response because it relies on a number of different things, including:

bed size blanket size many patterns, colors, and textures individual preference For reference, we typically have four conventional bed pillows (two each for my husband and I), two 20–22 inch euro (square) pillows, and one lumbar or bolster pillow on our queen bed at home. We don’t have to dump a ton of pillows on the floor to sleep at night, and this makes the bed look appealing to us.

Having said that, I have observed numerous extravagant bed pillow setups that make use of a varied quantity of pillows. Let’s examine some various pillow configurations for beds and observe how they impact the bed’s overall appearance and personality!

The opulent arrangement

Three little square throw pillows are all that are needed for this pillow arrangement. In contrast to the white, the solid purple adds a splash of color, and the velvet gives the arrangement an opulent appearance. A similar velvet-patterned pillow is positioned in the middle to offer some personality.

Alternately, you may use two of the patterned pillows and one solid pillow if you truly enjoy patterns. In this set-up, I placed two patterned throws in the back and counterbalanced them with one solid pillow in the front to make it appear a little less cluttered.

2. the jewelry setup

If you enjoy glitz, take the above pillow arrangement to the next level by adding a lumbar pillow with glittering gold text and a sprinkle of sequins!

Add some faux fur and gold sequin cushions behind that lumbar pillow to really amp up the feminine vibe!
3. The Christmas-themed setup

As much as the rest of your home, your bed deserves to be festively decorated for Christmas! Are you unsure of how to decorate a bed for the holidays? Pillows may be used for so many different purposes to give your bed a festive feel. Here, I tried to convey the expression “I simply want to cuddle up with a cup of cocoa!” Two across is more than enough to make you want to jump in that mound of feathers because these plaid pillows are fairly enormous. A solid red lumbar cushion helped me balance the chaotic plaid, and its knit appearance contributes to the room’s comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

You may add a couple more knit pillows to give the room a more merry feel. The addition of two white waffle stitch pillows here helps to break up the plaid and increases the “fluff factor,” further adding to the allure of this cushion arrangement.

4. The comfortable setup

This pillow configuration seems so timeless! The two denim pillows have a stylish yet laid-back vibe, and the big buttons give them some personality. The white pillow in the centre gives the arrangement texture and helps it “fit” the bed. A lumbar pillow with the word “home” written on it makes this arrangement the ideal welcome every day after a long day at work.

The nautical layout, number 5.

Some individuals think they are overdone, while others adore them. The nautical style, though, is timeless. A nautical bed and pillow set may truly make your space stand out if you fall into the “love” camp. Again, I used the denim throws in this instance, but I paired them with two bigger cable-knit pillows this time. In order to make the wires more visible and make the whole arrangement appear bigger/grander, I separated the two white cushions apart rather than placing them close together. To further enhance the nautical theme, I also added a substantial lumbar pillow with blue and white stripes. All that’s left is a decorative anchor for this setup.

6. The combination of white layers

All white lovers are invited! When used correctly, layered whites provide a room a ton of visual appeal and elegance while remaining unobtrusive to the eye. Here, I used a small faux fur pillow, two pillows with two different knitting patterns (cables and waffle stitch), and other textures to my benefit. The fur pillow’s gold sequins offer a dash of daring while maintaining its sophistication!

I hope these bed pillow configurations serve as inspiration for you! Pillows are a wonderful way to decorate a room and show off your style. Learning how to make a bed is simple. Simply choose the look that appeals to you, then have fun!

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