April 24, 2019 – May 8, 2019

Do your children enjoy swimming? If any of them you can imagine being read in a whining voice, raise your hand if you’ve heard them before.

My towel is falling, Mom! My towel is too long, Mom! “I CANNNT WALK!” FIX MY TOWEL, MOMMY, MOMMY! I’ve been hearing all of them from my twins over the past few summers, hmm. NOT NOW! After discovering this awesome tutorial from my friend Corey at Tinysidekick , I took action. I adhered to Corey’s basic instructions but gave mine a personal touch by adding some gorgeous pom pom trim. Learn how to make your own by reading on! There are some affiliate links in this article. To view my complete disclosure policy, click here.

MATERIALS FOR A DO-IT-YOURSELF BATHING SUITCOVER For a tiny child, use a small beach towel; for an adult, use a larger one. Fold the item in half and place it up against the wearer’s shoulders to determine the length. You should be fine if it doesn’t drag on the floor. Sewing machine – this is the sewing machine I got for Christmas – it’s AMAZING and Amazon is currently offering an incredible discount on it! And Pom pom trim thread scissor

Fold the towel in half and hold it up to your child as you begin this DIY bathing suit cover-up tutorial. Mark the width of your child’s head with pins.

2. To accommodate your pins, cut two 1 inch vertical slits on each side. Then make a horizontal incision across the towel at the fold to separate it. Make sure the towel fits your child’s head at this point. If it doesn’t, enlarge your hole a little bit while lengthening your vertical incisions.

3. To create a little fold over edge for sewing, make extremely small cuts at the corners of the rectangle’s short edges. Then, as seen below, pin each of the four flaps into position.

4. After pinning the fabric in place, sew it in place.

5. It’s now time to enjoy the pom pom trim! Sew your trim on after positioning it using pins. It adds such a unique touch and is quick and simple! My female friends adore the trim.

I’m done now! Here is the completed item:)

I spent roughly 20 minutes creating each cover. Talk about making a wise use of my time. Now that there is no more towel fuss, my girls adore them. They’re a big hit, and other poolside moms keep requesting me to make some for their kids. My friend Corey at Tiny Sidekick deserves special recognition for her instruction and inspiration.


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