May 17, 2019 – Latest Update

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You two! Following a nice summer break, my adorable baby girls are starting a new preschool year! I find it hard to realize another another year has gone by. They switch places with a class that is down the hall from the one they were in last year this year. This year, they will be in the 3-year-old classroom. Prekindergarten will start the next school year. WHAT?! NOOOOOOOO! Time. Stop. Passing. so. Immediately.

I’ll stop whining now. We are incredibly fortunate that the girls attend a preschool that we adore so much. When our girls became one year old, they began going to preschool one morning per week. We extended it to two mornings per week when they were 18 months old, then last year, when they were 2 1/2, we increased it to three mornings per week. This year, we have, gasp, agreed to meet five mornings a week. They had never been away from home for as long. We will hand them over to the caring educators and staff of our preschool every day from 9 am to 1 pm. The daughters are beyond thrilled about it, and we believe the moment is right.

There are more excellent teachers at our preschool than I could ever dream of. The 3-year-old teacher’s aide is someone we don’t know very well. Even though I just had a brief encounter with the lead teacher, I was immediately taken with her and knew we would enjoy her just as much as our children’ previous teachers! I therefore want to do something special for her on the first day of school.

I made the hasty decision to bring her flowers to school the first day, but I wanted a really unique vase for them. Then I had a sweet thought: Why not create a DIY vase that is both adorable and useful? I went to Office Depot with the girls having an idea in mind—gotta love those Office Depot Rewards and all of the back-to-school sales going on—and started working. I chose bright Sharpie Highlighters, vivid PaperMate pens, and vibrant Mr. Sketch markers.

ESSENTIAL PARTS FOR A DO-IT-YOURSELF VASE: perfumed Mr. Sketch markers Brighteners by Sharpie Pens by PaperMate Ribbon Sticky gun Scissors a sizable plastic or metal container, such as a 28-ounce can (I used a large Tupperware container, but you could use either one).


1) Arrange your pens, highlighters, and markers to choose a pleasing color scheme. I made the decision to group similar hues together.

2) My plastic container was a little bit shorter than my markers, highlighters, and pencils. So, the first thing I did was attach ribbon to the exposed top of the container using my hot glue gun. Depending on the height of your container, you might or might not be able to skip this step.

3) After that, glue your pens, highlighters, and markers on the vase.
3) After you’ve covered the entire container, wrap the vase in your broad ribbon.

4) Put your flowers in the vase and give them to your teacher, the head of the school, the principal, or anybody else who instructs and motivates your kids all year long!

How simple is that? The nicest thing is that the pens, highlighters, and markers can be easily removed from the vase and used by the teachers of my girls. This present is useful, kind, and adorable—a winning combination:)

Have your kids returned to school? Do you feel pleased, sad, or a combination of the two? Do you offer administrators and teachers back-to-school presents? What is your preferred present to give?

Now is the time to build this vase if you want to give it to a teacher in your life. You can get $5 off select Newell Rubbermaid brands when you spend $20 or more (PaperMate, Expo Neon Window Markers, Sharpie, Uni-Ball,





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