April 24, 2019 – May 8, 2019

I’m here! Leigh Anne from Houseologie is here. You might recall me from the time I presented my DIY hand printed canvas totes on this site.

I’m back with another fantastic and simple DIY home decor project this time. This time, I’ll demonstrate how to create leather and wood shelf on your own. All you need to know to do this project is how to drill a hole, hang a few hooks, and tie a few knots. In less than 30 minutes, I installed these wood and leather shelves in my 6-year-bedroom old’s to exhibit some of her favorite things. I was forced to decorate it for Christmas. She loves me a lot!

Since this was a last-minute, impromptu project, I tried to use the majority of supplies I already owned. But don’t you think that sometimes those work out the best? For the wood, I had to dash to my neighborhood home improvement store, but I had everything else. There are some affiliate links in this article. To view my complete disclosure policy, click here.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED FOR THIS DO-IT-YOURSELF SHELVING PROJECT: To create two shelves, cut a piece of choice pine in half. The length of the leather string strands will depend on how far apart you want your shelves to be. 4 – Picture hanging hooks DIY SHELVING TUTORIAL: Drill Drill Bit Level Pencil:

Decide where you want your shelves to go first, and then attach your picture hanging hooks to the wall. If you don’t have studs, you can use drywall anchors and screws instead of nails that I inserted at an angle into the studs. To make sure they are even, use your level.

On the ends of your pine pieces, drill two holes next. I marked the location by measuring in half an inch from each edge, then I drilled straight through.

Then, using your leather string strands, fold each one in half over on itself and tie it into a knot, leaving loops at the top and two strands dangling down, as shown in the illustration.

Now is the time when we might use an additional set of hands. Hang your leather loop from the picture hook, then take one of your boards and use your additional hands to weave a string through each hole while holding the board. Pull the strings taut and knot them after checking the board’s level using a level. You can do this, but it could take a few tries to get the knot snug under the board while maintaining the board’s level. Repeat the process with your second shelf, trimming off any surplus length.

I’m done now! The outcome of these simple shelves is fantastic! How do you feel?
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