When I was searching for fabrics on Etsy today, I came upon Hmong textiles, which provided me with a history lesson. I delved into that category since I liked the motifs and discovered some information about their history.

A hill tribe from China, Vietnam, and Laos, the Hmong people. The Hmong people were tortured and even killed after the communists took over Laos in the 1970s, causing many of them to flee as refugees to Thailand. Their new dwellings were supported by the sales of these woven fabrics. The Hmong are very accomplished weavers, and their historical tales are woven into their clothing.

These textiles have been available to us in the west for a while; they are frequently referred to simply as “batik,” which is a name we are more familiar with. These Hmong textiles are made from coloured cotton or hemp and hand-stitched or embroidered with traditional designs. My passion for design and my love of travel collide when I conduct such historical textile research.

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You can discover a ton of gorgeous fabrics if you search for “Hmong fabric” on Etsy. Here is a little selection:





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