EASIER AND MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU THINK, FINDING THE MOTIVATION TO CREATE THE HOME YOU TRULY WANT! Follow these suggestions to find the drive to upgrade your house despite having a family and a busy schedule. Your life’s quality depends on it.

I am ALWAYS questioned about how we have time to make so many improvements to our house. We really really enjoy doing it, I said at first, kind of laughing, but the more I heard the question, the more I gave it some thought. I finally gave the details of how we actually find the time and motivation to work on making our house our ideal home a serious examination. It is not difficult, but it also does not come readily. We take specific actions that give us the time to customize our home exactly how we desire. Additionally, you can upgrade your house!

I’m going to give you my best advice on sticking with the plan you have for your house. Prepare to discover how to find the time and drive to design a home you love! You might be surprised by how straightforward the keys to our success really are;)

Finding the drive to make improvements to your home I genuinely believe that every single home in existence is capable of being beautiful and should be. Simply find the motivation to do home improvements.

People are frequently surprised that Joe and I have the time to refurbish and decorate our home because they are aware that we both work full-time and are parents to little twin girls. And we don’t just do it because I blog about it! We made several improvements to our house, even when I worked as a lawyer full-time. Also keep in mind that we have no family in the area to assist us with day-to-day activities. In other words, we are equally as busy as you are.

Our mentality is what sets us apart. Not only have we found the time to work on our house, but we now have the drive to do it. And for actual success, you need BOTH.

I want to start by explaining why it is important to have a home you love.
I polled my readers a while back and discovered that a lot of you are dealing with…

feeling pressed for time and resources to create the ideal interior design. You’ve tried to design your house before and failed. You resist making changes because you believe you need an interior designer to create a lovely home. Despite your desire for nothing more, you convince yourself that decorating your home isn’t “that significant.” In the survey, I also posed this question… What has been your home’s toughest challenge in the last year? Many of the responses astonished me much.

“I wouldn’t live here if I could choose not to. I detest my house.
“My house is completely out of style with me. Even though I decorated it, I feel like someone else did.
There wasn’t enough time to give it importance.
“My own indecision is the biggest problem I have with my house. I therefore simply do nothing.
I am so overwhelmed that I am not even sure where to start.
I have a dread of spending a lot of money on things I’ll hate (even if I’ve done it before).

Y’all! Due to a constrained budget, no one should accept living quarters they don’t adore. Nobody should think that because they can’t afford an interior designer, they can’t have a beautiful home. Oh my goodness, no one should despise or be ashamed of their house.

Despite the fact that we all lead incredibly busy lives, I firmly think that we should all find happiness in our homes. The one place we would prefer be than anywhere else should be our home. Why? We begin and conclude our incredibly hectic days there, for this reason.

Environmental psychologists understand that a large portion of a person’s identity is tied to their home. Thus, it is a serious issue if you are unhappy with your house.

Our feelings of frustration about our unkempt and antiquated home follow us about and have an effect on every other element of our lives when we wake up and fall asleep feeling that way. However, if we wake up each morning loving what we see when we glance around our houses and enjoying a peaceful morning because our homes work well for our family, that happiness and contentment will follow us around, making our entire day better on an unconscious level that we aren’t even aware of.

We are able to relax and recharge before the start of the next day when we look forward to returning home at the conclusion of a demanding workday because we immediately feel joyful and welcomed. Additionally, it is true that people who genuinely care about their houses are much more inclined to maintain them tidy, clean, and organized. After all, having documents lying around or a sink full of dirty dishes won’t really matter if you don’t love what you see when you glance around. However, you will want it to be neat when you glance around and find areas that embody your style and bring you joy.

In the end, owning a home you love will actually REDUCE your stress and RAISE your level of happiness in general.
In fact, I’ll go a step further and say something audacious…

YOU ARE NOT LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE IF YOU DON’T LOVE YOUR HOME. PERIOD. Each of our four homes has undergone considerable renovations. Early on, we discovered that when we construct environments that we enjoy (which, by the way, did not necessitate big expenses), we feel joyful at home, and that makes us happier generally.

I am aware of how demanding life is. I am aware of how challenging it may be to work a job that consumes you and how little time there is for both work and family responsibilities. However, you should be motivated to make home improvements by the beneficial effects they will have on every aspect of your life. It will cause a chain reaction. Making it a priority in your life will therefore pay off greatly.

Probably saying to yourself, “Great, Tasha. I concur. I think that making my house better will have a hugely good impact on my life. But I’m so occupied. What should I do? I got it. And I know the solution.

You must alter your perspective.

You must acknowledge and accept that making a house you love necessitates giving up certain things. The sacrifices you have made will seem so insignificant when you can enter your home and adore everything you see. I’m serious!

The good news is that you don’t need a sizable budget or a pricey home in a desirable area to adore it. I have lots of acquaintances who have resided in modest mobile homes and have honestly, deeply LOVED their residences. This has nothing to do with money or having a magazine-worthy home. It’s about designing areas that you adore and that give you the impression that your house is embracing you each time you enter.

You don’t trust me? Our laundry area was completely changed for just $71 out of pocket. You can accomplish a lot with very little money, I assure you.

And years ago, in order to give our kitchen a major facelift on a shoestring budget, we painted the cabinets without priming or sanding them first.

That is precisely why I made
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