As an official Downton Abbey addict, I feel compelled to express my thoughts on Season Three even though it has been a few weeks since the season finale in the United States and most of us are up to speed on the drama.

The first two seasons of the show were seen by Matt and myself together, but this time we watched it separately—me at first by myself, accompanied by a bag of popcorn, and eagerly anticipating every character’s lines and narrative twists with each episode.

I watched Season 3 for the second time with him. Yes, to his dismay, I was studying the clothes and interiors and the subtleties the second time while he was attentively listening for the clever lines and story turns. I would say things like, “oooh, beautiful writing desk,” and “oh the beading on that outfit.”

I’ve been hoarding these images for weeks and weeks because I adore this show so much, but first, I have to get these things off my 21st-century chest.

Please refrain from reading this post if you haven’t finished watching the entire season. SPOILER ALERT!
May I start? Let’s start with the hats! My thanks to the milliners for the wonderful hats this season; I really adored Shirley’s headpiece’s feathers.

Did you notice how Mary and Edith were dressed differently this season? Who do you think wore the dress and ancestral diamond headband the best? Mary usually had more muted, traditional attire, while Edith always looked more contemporary, even in their wedding gowns? Although they were both attractive, I preferred Edith’s appearance and supported her despite the tragic breakup.

diamond headband downton abbey
best wedding veil
I think redheads look stunning in apricot and all shades of green; beautifully done on the wardrobe for both Edith and Aunt Rosamund.

Speaking of Aunt Rosamund, after this brief glimpse with those striking black walls, I want to see much more of her London home in Season Four.

At the christening, all the Downton women wore lavender-colored caps and dresses, which was my favorite fashion moment. Do you agree that we’ll see a lot more of these colors in home decor and fashion this year?

Here are some images of the main living areas I took over the season:
Entrance Hall
The central artwork of King Charles I in the morning meal room is reportedly worth millions of dollars.

Two red velvet sofas, writing desks, and a scenario in which Lord Grantham is uninformed and in denial about how Downton is run can all be found in the library:

My favorite drawing room is Isobel’s, which is decorated with yellow brocade curtains, gold framed art, and a pale blue wall.
The wallpapered nursery of Sybil
The conventional bedroom of Matthew and Mary has walls that are a rich forest green:
Downton’s drawing room:
In the finale, The Scottish Highlands Estate:
And here are my top three Season Three quotes since I couldn’t help myself:
Carson the butler accidentally spills the fact that Mrs. Hughes has undergone a cancer test, saying “He didn’t tell me Mrs. Patmore, you did.”

The answer is here, and we will, Lady Grantham assures Mrs. Hughes, who is concerned about who will take care of her because she believes she may have cancer.

Thomas sobs and says, “In life not many have been kind to me, she was one of the few,” after learning that Sybill has passed away. A unusual instance of Thomas being positive.

The Dowager tells Mary, “Nothing succeeds like excess,” as they plan to flaunt their money in order for Cora’s well-off American mother to use her fortune to save Downton Abbey.

To his rough-around-the-edges brother who is visiting Downton, Tom says, “My mother-in-law has been good enough to invite you to dine, and I’ll not allow you snub her.”

The Dowager remarks, “Seems a pity to miss a fine pudding,” as Lord Grantham orders them to leave Isobel’s luncheon after discovering Ethel was a former prostitute.

That is an easy proviso to take because I am never incorrect, but you cannot want your one and only granddaughter to grow up in some squalor with a buzzed gorilla.

“I do think a woman’s place is ultimately in the house, but I see no harm in her having some fun before she gets there,” the Dowager said in response to Edith’s offer of a job as a journalist.

Mrs. Hughes soothes Tom by saying, “Lady Sybil would be so proud of you. You’ve done wonderfully…
however, you have to be your own master.
The top four moments, in my opinion:
Maggie Smith’s wordless performance of sorrow and grief is amazing.
Tied for happiest moment: in-law joy at a cricket game.
Together with The Birth
Award for most endearing moment! Carson soothing Sybil the infant
Now that I’ve fully expressed everything, I feel much better. You now. Which Season Three actors, scenes, or lines stood out to you the most?

And what do you anticipate will occur in Season 4? Do you believe Edith will evolve into a contemporary city girl while Downton’s rich widow Mary clings to tradition? Will Alfred work as Mrs. Patmore’s assistant chef? Will Tom or Mary ever experience romantic love? Will O’Brien be fired and the “slippery soap” incident be made public? Dish!





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