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Hi! I’m Annie, the mother who founded DIY DECOR MOM , and I’m honored to be a guest blogger on Designer Trapped today. I am a mother of three and, as you might have guessed, I am transforming our 1980s house into our dream home. I’m overjoyed to be here today offering my best advice on how to decorate a space. People frequently ask why their room doesn’t appear like the ones they see online or in publications. I’m going to break down home styling for you today because there is definitely a steep learning curve here. I can assure you that I have experienced it and have erred. Just two years ago, I was perplexed as to why, despite having all the necessary elements—the ideal furniture, paint colors, and window treatments—my spaces never appeared to “take off on Pinterest.” It was due to their poor styling! Here’s the skinny, then!

STEP ONE: HOME STYLING TRICKS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW TAKE AN AVAILABLE Making a list of everything in the space is the first step. Take note of the number of colors you are using, the number of accessories you have out, and your general layout.

Now consider these inquiries:

Are there too many conflicting priorities in your life? Is it unusable because there are too many pieces of furniture there? What is on your counters, tables, etc. that actually needs to be there, and what is there just because it has always been there or is simple?

Step 2: EDIT The most crucial stage of house styling is editing, which most people ignore. “Look in the mirror and take one thing off before you leave the house,” is a quote attributed to Coco Chanel. The woman was stylish, and styling a place is similar to styling an outfit. I’m going to give it back to Tasha now so she can give me some specific editing advice.

Honestly, Annie is dead on regarding the value of editing! The items you place on shelves and tables can greatly influence the overall aesthetic of a room, much as fashion accessories can greatly influence an outfit. The issue is that we frequently overlook the decor in our rooms. Because we don’t have a better place to store it, miscellaneous “things” and junk end up being placed on shelves, where they end up looking haphazard and cluttered.

I advise clearing the shelves and tables in your room so you can edit effectively. Then start organizing them into groups in a way that makes sense to you. I enjoy organizing things by size and color.

First, get rid of anything you no longer want, does not fit well in the space, or anything you do not LOVE or USE.

Edit out some of those items so that the remaining goods can really stand out if you discover that you have multiple items that resemble each other somewhat. It is beneficial to concentrate on the size and shape of the remaining pieces. Shapes, sizes, and textures come in a variety in a well-accessorized environment. To avoid having too many objects that are the same size and form, get rid of two of the tall vases if you have a lot of them.

Determine how much is left after these two steps. If you can, keep removing objects while according to the aforementioned guidelines if you still have too many that your space feels congested. Give emphasis to the products you love the most if all that is left is a variety of sizes, textures, and shapes.

Okay, let’s go back to Annie and show her how to put everything you’re keeping in your room.
Your room will feel bigger and less cluttered when there is less junk lying around. Decorating is simpler now!

LAYER in Step Three The fun part of home styling is now here, but it may also be nerve-wracking! Don’t worry, the technical part is going to be simple. The laws governing triangles, thirds, and threes will be discussed. You might be astonished to learn that we all already know this, but

TRIANGLE RULE: Take a look at the nightstand below. There are three parts: the light, a nice stack of books, and a small bunch of flowers. When all the pieces are connected, it forms a triangle.

Even this image of our bathroom is effective since it creates a triangle with your eye. It begins with the Roman Shades, moves down to the picture frame, air plants on the back of the toilet, a Turkish towel on the sink, and finally the rug on the floor.

RULE OF THIRDS: The rule of thirds is clearly seen in our recently renovated playroom , which was formerly our dining room. With the built-ins, the vintage dresser, and the other built-in, the wall is essentially divided into three sections. The space can once more be divided into thirds on a depth basis. The ancient dresser is farther away, followed by the chairs, with the floor pillows and train set in the foreground.

RULE OF THREES: As you can see, I enjoy color just as much as Tasha does. But if I tried to include every color I adored into every space, it would look like Rainbow Brite’s house! Each room has three dominant colors. It is white, navy blue, and melon pink in the playroom. It is light blue, light pink, and white in the blue bathroom downstairs. Additionally, the three primary colors of our family room below—which is decorated for Christmas—are blue, white, and gold. You might think I like blue or something from this;).

Here they are: the three major steps of my finest styling advice for a room: inventory, edit, and layer. And in terms of stacking… Recall the Triangle Rule, the Third Rule, and the Three Rule! Home styling doesn’t have to be difficult or terrifying. You will be astonished at how lovely your home may be if you simply follow these suggestions! Now, I’d love for you to visit my site and read some of these well-liked articles I’ve written!

Grab Tasha’s free guide on how to design a room you love before you go. It is jam-packed with the best advice for organizing the key components of your room, and you can utilize my styling advice from above for the finishing touches. key=”2″ mv create 1 2018 type=”list” Design Posts” thumbnail=”/span>” title=”Design Posts” href=”https://designertrapped.com/wp-content/uploads/05 selecting paint colors jpg rel=”noopener” span with target=” blank”





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