Every season, I enjoy stopping by my neighborhood Anthropologie, usually for their amazing furniture knobs but also for their display painters’ unusual fashion sense.

According to the sales associate, each Anthropologie location has a dedicated Installation Artist who receives a subject from corporate but is free to interpret it anyway they see fit. If this is true—which I have no idea—then it sounds like the ideal job. I can only image how much fun it must be to challenge oneself to “style” outside the box with items as amusing as those available at Anthropologie .

Whether it’s falling leaves in the main clothing display area, strings of multiples have a significant impact on presentation.
Strapless Wedding Dresses AU
or clothespins in the dressing area that have been dipped in paint.
clothespins at anthro
You may add modern flair by adding a fabric flower to a set of simple beads.
flower trim necklace
One of my favorites. I adore how the exquisite wallpaper contrasts with the rustic wood pallet and crates.
crates on wall
Speaking of pallets, here is another illustration of shelves and brackets attached to a shipping supplier’s equipment that has been transformed into a decorative texture.
pallet with shelf
An odd chair made of an old radiator and galvanized pipes was on show throughout the summer.
radiator chair

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