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Hello, everyone! Leigh Anne here; I have a blog at AA1. Being here and talking to all of you DTLBers makes me SO EXCITED!

You should be aware of a few facts about me because I’m new here: 1. I overuse exclamation points because I’m so enthusiastic about DIY and home decor! 2. I adore black and white Scandinavian design, and 3. I’m passionate about teaching others how to decorate their homes so they may have a place they appreciate coming home to after a long day. After saying all of that, I’m going to demonstrate to you how to hand stamp a canvas laundry bag today. For your convenience, this article includes some affiliate links. To view my complete disclosure policy, click here.

I instantly fell in love with this Ferm Living Laundry Basket , and I just knew it would look amazing in the laundry room I’ve been working on updating. However, my relationship with the $65 (on sale!) price tag was rocky. I made the decision that I could create something that would resemble the inspiration basket in style.

Since these square canvas totes fit into my laundry cabinet, which is located between my washer and dryer, and cost less than $10 each, I chose to utilize them. I have separate bins for clean and soiled clothing.

Hand-stamped canvas totes require the following supplies: Canvas Tote Black Chalk Paint .

HOW TO MAKE A LAUNDRY TOTE WITH HAND STAMPS: I started by turning my canvas tote inside out. Your paint won’t soak through because of the interior, which has a sort of waterproof oilcloth feel to it. When I turned it inside out, I utilized some thick old books to retain its shape, making it much easier to handle. I divided my sponge in half to create a half moon shape for stamping after adding my black chalk paint to a dish.

I barely dabbed the paint onto the sponge’s flat side. I used a paintbrush to remove excess paint from the sponge if I applied too much. I aligned the sponge with the top of my tote and carefully and uniformly applied pressure across the tote. I kept using the stamp to make straight rows. I just flipped the bag over and began working on the opposite side after finishing and drying the first side.

If it doesn’t appear ideal, don’t worry. The wonderful thing about this stamp is that! It’s intended to appear imperfect and handcrafted. I let my totes air dry over night. The following day, I once more turned the totes right side out and started adding the leather handles. The handles serve just as ornaments. The regular handles were still inside because I use them to carry clothes up and down my stairs.

I used one sheet of leather that I had already cut to size for the handles. Although I couldn’t find the width I wanted, I would have preferred to get a roll of leather. I simply marked a straight line using a straight edge and a copper-colored marker to serve as a cutting guide. The leather was fastened to the tote bag using the Snap and Setter kit . Although it was challenging to capture in a photo, the kit is quite simple to use!

The tote utilized an exacto knife to drill holes where I had marked my leather strip on each one. I just followed the instructions included with my snap kit after that. Basically, you add a snap cap from the kit after inserting a snap post through the leather and canvas. The snap is set with a hammer and the long metal piece. Simple as pie!

I adore how they turned out, and the makeover was very simple! I’d love for you to visit Houseologie if you liked this post and check out a couple more there as well!

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