As they do every year in the first week of December, Pantone is going to reveal their 2015 Color of the Year for interior design. Since furniture, textile, and wall covering industries all around the world employ the Pantone Color Matching System, the news always sparks excitement.

A secret panel of industry experts meets in Europe to choose the Color of the Year. The winner is picked as the color that best reflects the essence of the year and includes a justification. “The Emerald, representing development, rejuvenation, and wealth, was the flower of 2013; the Radiant Orchid, representing the extended creativity and originality that are increasingly prized in today’s culture, was the flower of 2014.”

The ultimate choice of the Color of the Year is a reflection of what’s happening in entertainment, the art world, tourism destinations, and technology. Trends in fashion, film, and art all have a role in this decision. pantone inspiration

Robert Allen has proclaimed Calypso Blue to be the “it” hue for 2015, and Benjamin Moore has designated Guilford Green as their choice. Paint firms and textile designers each offer their own predictions on the “it” color.

The majority of previous Pantone winners have been bright colors, however neutrals and pastels have occasionally appeared as Colors of the Year. Here are some examples of previous winners:

I’m hoping for a green hue. I’m currently crushing on muted hues, and due to their organic, earthy appeal, I predict that darker, less saturated greens will remain popular in 2015. Of course, I’d adore to see any deep blue color as well!

I considered inviting you all to participate just for fun. Place your bets before the big announcement is made! Which color do you think will be the year’s color? Take the poll below and cast your vote. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts, so feel free to explain your decision in the comments!

here reports that on December 9th, the Pantone Institute will be hosting a webinar with Vice President Laurie Pressman to provide attendees an inside look at how Pantone chose the Color of the Year and how it will be reflected in clothing and home décor.





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