Despite the fact that it is the holiday season, I can’t help but plan for the future because of the practicality of my upcoming endeavor. Do you still have in mind the old study I created for the children five years ago, when they were in elementary school? It was a great area for many years, but now that I’ll soon have a child in high school and another in junior high, it needs to mature along with my children.

Under the window, I want to build a built-in desk for homework and a shared computer. As you can see from this picture of the room as it is right now, I neglected to paint the wall behind the seat I built for them beneath the window.

All of the old furniture and shelving were taken out when we refinished the flooring, and the room has been empty for a while. This area would be ideal for creating a more opulent study den. Given its size and narrowness, I picture dividing it into two smaller areas, one with a desk beneath the window and the other with a sitting space (not shown).

The window desk with storage above and below is where I’m going to start, and these window desks are a terrific source of inspiration. My desk in my personal home office is next to a window, which I find advantageous for my productivity, the light it lets in, and my ability to look out the window to watch what the birds are doing.

Built-ins are great, but I’m just intending to make the desk a temporary feature in case I ever need to redo this room. On either side of the window, I propose mounting two freestanding white cabinet bases with drawers. I’ll put in a wood top that spans the entire width of the area on top.

I’m making preparations for the upcoming week with the goal of finishing the desk project in January so the kids may use it for their homework. Of course, after it’s finished, I’ll share it!






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