Can you feel it? Summer is in full swing. I can, especially this week. The days of July are ebbing into one another as we extend our morning snooze time and spend the afternoons relaxing by the community pool sipping lemonade. I adore the mothers in their swimwear in colours of turquoise, coral, orange, and pink, as well as the children in their vibrant swimwear and beach blankets. The brightest colors are best worn and displayed during the summer.

Shannon from AKA Design was asked to offer her opinions on summer color, or “color” as our northern Canadian friends say! Say hello to Shannon once more.

“Hello everyone, Shannon is back to discuss summer color! The summer is the ideal season to loosen up and have some fun, both inside and outside your home. Whether you choose to stay cool in an air-conditioned office or enjoy the summer sun at the beach, your home may provide you with a little extra summer lovin’ when you decorate it for the occasion.

I’m not suggesting that you completely redecorate a room simply for the summer. Changing the throw pillows, flowers, and sometimes even the artwork to match the season is what I actually mean. Having summer chairs, decorative pillows, and vibrant outdoor dinnerware can help you take your décor a step further if you are fortunate enough to have outdoor spaces of your own.

Most commonly cold in tone, blue is ideal for settings where you wish to promote serenity or peace. It is frequently linked to clarity, imagination, and summer because it is the color of the sky, the ocean, and dusk. After a hot day in the sun, it is really soothing to settle into a room with blue accents.

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