May 17, 2019 – Latest Update

Hey guys! If you don’t remember me from my last contribution, I explained how to create a lovely Spring wreath with moss. Ashley from Bigger Than The Three Of Us here. I’m thrilled to be here again today with another guest post for you.

I decided to share a project today that most people could complete for nothing. Who doesn’t enjoy altering the design in their home for nothing? I know I absolutely adore being able to change things up at home or expand wall collections without breaking the bank. Now that you ask, what is the project? A gallery wall or mantel would look fantastic with this DIY Scrap Wood Banner.

adorable, right? Are you prepared to begin this tutorial now?
Grab some scrap wood first. A couple 1″x3″x6″ planks were lying around. Your miter saw should be at a 45° angle.
Place the wood’s end where the blade will pass through and cut it off.
Flip the board after cutting the first end so that your angle is down and to the right (see below).
Align the triangle’s top with the point at which the blade will descend and cut.
One triangle is now complete. Repeat the same procedure 4–10 times (or more depending on how long you want your wall hanging to be).
By utilizing one of your triangles as a template, you may verify your cuts.
Clamp the top of one triangle to a workbench once you’ve completed all of your triangles.
In each side, make a hole using a tiny drill bit. Replicate for each triangle.

Sand all your parts very lightly. You now need to choose how you want to embellish your banner. Do you want yours plain, painted with dots, stripes, or words? Since mine would be placed on a wall that was only partially painted, I knew I wanted to keep it simple, but I also wanted to give you additional possibilities.

I believe that even if the dye slightly penetrated the painters tape, it gives the triangle more personality. Paint could be applied using the same technique, and it wouldn’t bleed through.

Now is the time to gather some string, thread, or wire as well as a pair of scissors. You’re done once you’ve threaded each triangle!

Even though this project was completed in just 45 minutes, I truly like it. Use different size scrap wood pieces to create different looks and personalize it however you like. For instance, I could have used some thin plywood instead, which would have allowed it to sit closer to the wall.

You might even alter the miter saw’s angle to further tailor it. The triangle’s appearance would change if the angle was altered.

Lacking a miter saw? Not to worry! You may complete this project using my go-to tool, a jigsaw. It would be necessary to create a template and trace it into the wood if you were going to use a jigsaw. It would take more time, but it is entirely possible!

I sincerely hope you enjoyed working on this project, and if you do, please let me know!

Want to see the remainder of the visitor bedroom? Along with the guest bedroom reveal , I also offer a ton of other DIY instructions!

I’d love to connect with you on social media and hope to see you over at my blog. I’m pretty much everywhere you look!

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