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Hello readers of Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body! I blog at Little Red Brick House under the name Sarah. I’m beyond thrilled to share with you today my simple DIY window casing tutorial! Tasha, I appreciate you having me so much.

I adore houses built in the Craftsman architectural style. I adore everything about it, from the columns to the lovely but understated trim work. The windows in my builder-grade home are one of the areas that most need character as I work to give it some personality. In my opinion, windows ought to have something to serve as a picture frame for all of those lovely vistas. Being the DIYer that I am, I chose to take on this project by myself (with a little assistance from the husband).

DIY GUIDE FOR WINDOW CAPS: DIY Window Casing | Little Red Brick House

My husband started by taking out the old window apron and sill. He used a huge rubber mallet to pop the sill off after scoring the seams where the board was caulked to the wall. Because we weren’t sure if all the strain from banging around would break the glass, we chose to open it for this section. safer to be safe than sorry!

DIY Window Casing | Little Red Brick House

I then calculated all of the framing dimensions I would require, measured my window, and used my miter saw to cut the boards. The image below shows the size of lumber that I selected. If you’d like, you can make your boards thicker.

DIY Window Casing | Little Red Brick House

The sill needs to be attached now. The area where the sill wraps around the corner of the wall was removed using a jigsaw. The board was shimmied into position, and we later nailed it down.

DIY Window Casing | Little Red Brick House
The apron comes next. That is what is located beneath the sill.
DIY Window Casing | Little Red Brick House

We then used our nailer to attach the side casings. Make sure this component is level and positioned so that it meets the wall corner. If there is a gap, don’t worry; you can caulk it up later.

DIY Window Casing | Little Red Brick House

A 14 board was used to build the top of the case, wedged between two angled 12 boards. In addition to nailing the 14 into the wall, we also nailed the bottom 12 into the side casings and the top 12 into the top of the 14.

DIY Window Casing | Little Red Brick House

Once the frame is in place, it’s time to fill the nail holes with wood filler. Fill up your holes and any wood knots. Sand the entire area to remove any remaining filler. Sanding dust should be vacuumed out before using a moist cloth to clean everything.

DIY Window Casing | Little Red Brick House

It’s now time to prime and caulk all of your seams. To smooth the caulk, you can either use a caulking tool or moisten your finger and run it through. I liked using my finger better. The key to caulking is to keep everything moist (not dripping wet). To remove any extra caulk, I like to have a rag on hand and a glass of water nearby. I applied two layers of primer, giving each coat 30 minutes to dry in between.

The time has come to paint your casing after the priming has dried. Sherwin Williams painted all of the trim in my home in Alabaster. It is a pleasant milky white that isn’t very yellow. The walls all around your casing will be painted and primed. With some additional wall paint that I always have on hand, I just touched it up.

Little Red Brick House 0
Little Red Brick House 1
I adore how much personality the window’s casing gives it. I nearly didn’t want to close the blinds again!
Little Red Brick House 2
Little Red Brick House 3
Little Red Brick House 4

Once again, Tasha, I appreciate you having me! I hope my DIY window casing tutorial was helpful to you all. Visit my website to see my other DIY projects, such as my Little Red Brick House 5 made of wood shims, my Little Red Brick House 6 in its entirety, and my Little Red Brick House 7. Little Red Brick House has all of those information and more!

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