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It’s so much fun to give old furniture a new lease of life, but dealing with extensive wood rot and damaged wood may be tricky. LEARN HOW TO USE EPOXY WOOD FILLER FOR FANTASTIC, SPEEDY, AND EASY REPAIRS.

Hey there! If you follow me on Instagram , you are aware of my efforts to build storage in our family room’s “playroom.” We assumed the open storage for pens, markers, and other supplies on top of the art table wouldn’t bother us because we adore the DIY pipe table we created. But after a few years of putting up with it, we’ve determined that we need some closed storage.

Our forthcoming kitchen makeover will be a HUGE expenditure, so we needed something with charm but didn’t want to spend a fortune. I searched through secondhand stores and the Facebook Marketplace before discovering these stunning items. They are strong and structurally sound. However, they need substantial T.L.C.

I’m not scared of a task at all! Continue reading to find out exactly how I used epoxy wood filler to do the repair. No knowledge or expertise is necessary. Pinky swear.

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HOW TO USE EPOXY WOOD FILLER TO REPAIR DAMAGE TO WOOD I must first point out that I am using wood drawer bases to demonstrate this technique. Epoxy wood filler, however, has a wide range of applications. You can see how we filled up a sizable hole left by outdated hardware on our front entrance with it. And you can see here how we utilized it to plug old screw holes that weren’t holding the screw in place any more. Additionally, you can use it to fix external doors and trim, two places where wood rot is widespread. There are countless options.

ESSENTIAL MATERIALS: Mohawk Epoxy Putty Stick (I used a putty color, but it comes in a variety of colors–if you are working on stained wood, choose a color that is as close to your wood color as possible) an outdated credit card or leveler a little dish with soapy water a lethal blade Sandpaper STEPS: 1) Combine a little liquid soap with 2 ounces of water.

2) Remove a tiny portion of your Epoxy Putty Stick and knead it with your fingertips until the color is completely even. It will start to warm up in your fingers. Dip your fingers in the soapy water and keep kneading if it starts clinging to your fingers. Be aware that the epoxy has a short working life, lasting approximately 6 minutes after mixing.

3) Once the color is completely uniform, use your fingers to press the epoxy putty into the damaged area. If necessary, scrape away any epoxy putty that extends higher than the wood’s surface using a leveler card or an old credit card. Simply lightly brush the epoxy with the soapy water combination if it starts to adhere to the card or your fingertips.

4) Give the filled area at least 20 minutes to cure. The epoxy putty is made from a RESIN and HARDENER, which makes it the ideal moldable putty for repairing big holes, rotten regions, and things like broken molding. Now for the cool part. After application, surfaces may be drilled, stained, or painted. And the surface of the epoxy putty is even more durable than the original wood!

5) Sand the epoxy putty to make it flush with the surface of your door after it has had time to set.
View the affected area’s before and after pictures. MAJOR difference And fixing it was quick and simple.

I’m done now! Soon I’ll show you how these drawer bases turned out and share with you my top general advice for preparing furniture for painting. I sincerely hope that this tutorial has demonstrated to you how simple it is to fix even big areas of damage in wood. There is nothing to worry about.

If you’d rather see a demonstration in a video, you can watch me do this technique on some scrap wood in the video down below.





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