Have you ever experienced the frustration of staring at a blank wall and being unsure of how to decorate it? Me to! Where do you even start? I’m having the same problem as you when I stare at the bare wall in our living room.

I have collected a variety of diverse pieces of art, frames, and relics throughout my home. I’m now working on organizing it all for exhibition. I’ve been accumulating ideas and paying close attention to many styles. In the interim, I thought I’d ask the following queries of everyone:

1) Do you prefer a balanced wall display?
by repetition or symmetry?
style court blue sofa
white frames apt therapy
kishani perera botanicals in kitchen
blue and gold via decorpad
Improved Homes and Gardens, AA5
southern accents art in set of five
ballard living room
veranda wall display
southern accents neutral room canopies
style court blue sofa0
style court blue sofa1
style court blue sofa2
style court blue sofa3
style court blue sofa4
style court blue sofa5
style court blue sofa6
style court blue sofa7
style court blue sofa8
Pottery Barn, style court blue sofa9
white frames apt therapy0
white frames apt therapy1
white frames apt therapy2
Better Homes and Gardens, AA23
white frames apt therapy4
Pottery Barn, AA25

In my workplace and daughter’s room, I’ve done symmetrical frame arrangements, but for my living room, I’m very drawn to the look of a gallery or salon wall that has amassed items through time.

And I adore Better Homes





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