About Toilet Shims 1 Installing Toilet Shims Plastic Versus Rubber Final Thoughts Toilet shims come in a number of various varieties. These gadgets are most frequently employed by persons who have to deal with an unsteady or rocking toilet.

Your entire toilet bowl can be stabilized with a little simple do-it-yourself installation at the base of the toilet.

Before beginning any home renovation job, it’s crucial to have a plan in place. A plumber might also be contacted for assistance, particularly if you’re having trouble installing a new toilet.


Any wedge that you insert into a gap to avoid swaying is known as a shim. Your toilet’s resilience and longevity can be extended with the use of plastic toilet shims.

Compared to replacing your entire toilet flange, they are a lot simpler method of toilet repair.
Hard plastic and rubber are the two materials that toilet shims are most frequently made of. There are several sizes to choose from.
Four or more shims are standard in most commercial products. However, professionals may purchase bulk bundles with up to thirty for many bathrooms.
Shims typically have a width of 1.5 inches. The majority of the time, they are between 7.5 and 9 inches long.
Some big hard plastic shims can fit highly shaky toilet seats without the use of an adapter. These have a maximum length of 16 inches.

Regardless of the model you have, installing the shims is not too difficult. You should first make sure you have all the required supplies.
The majority of plumbing products may be purchased with Amazon gift cards.

Remember that you will probably need to replace the wax ring if your gasket is leaking and it has a ring. A long guarantee on a foam or rubber choice is a good idea because these materials may be recycled.

Check the user reviews before purchasing any materials.

You will just need the shims and a hammer if you don’t need to replace any other leaky components of the toilet, like the flange or the washers.

The fundamental procedures for toilet shimming are as follows:

Find the space between your toilet and the floor. Place the shim’s narrowest end next to the opening. The shim within can be tapped with a hammer. Take precautions since some plastics, besides PVC, can be fragile. Tap the shim repeatedly until the toilet is level. It shouldn’t wobble once you’re seated. The surplus shim should be cut or snapped off. Your toilet is now level, and you can fasten it without using caulk. One of the simplest DIY projects is this one. Just bear in mind that if you have leaks, silicone or a ribbed solution might be necessary to cover the opening.


The most popular toilet shims to use are made of plastic or rubber. They are also perfect for your sink and bathtub.
They won’t decay or degrade over time, unlike wooden shims.
The most popular type of shim is plastic. They are available in a wide range of materials, such as PVC and ABS plastics.
As a result, they frequently have greater stability and longevity than rubber alternatives. Additionally, you can pick between soft or firm models.

But there are certain drawbacks to using plastic shims. Rubber choices are suitable for very large gaps because they may be piled on top of one another.

Superglue can also be used to affix them. Therefore, you could truly need rubber if you’re having trouble finding a plastic shim that suits your precise height requirements.

In addition, rubber has better grip than plastic. Slippage is less likely to happen to you.

Rubber is far more forgiving if you’re concerned about choosing the wrong size. Additionally, rubber has a lower propensity to harm your floors or the toilet itself.

LAST THOUGHTS One of the simplest and most straightforward solutions to fix a wobbling toilet is to use toilet shims. They assist in leveling the toilet, making it more stable.

You might need additional tools if your toilet is also dripping, though.

Shims are most frequently made of plastic and rubber. Rubber can be inserted more easily into crooked spaces thanks to the ability to stack or Superglue several shims.

For those who desire the strongest and lightest seal possible, plastic is the best material.

The top three suppliers of toilet shims are Danco, Fluidmaster, and Kohler. These all include models that can level your sink, bathtub, or toilet and come with solid warranties.

Prior to making a purchase, just be sure to calculate the gap and evaluate consumer feedback.





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