Last Saturday, I took part in the Day of Thrifting event by visiting three of my favorite thrift shops in my community and one that had just opened. I discovered a piece with a particular detail I’ve been looking for ages tucked away in a corner beneath a large stack of shoes. phony bamboo

Look it over:
faux bamboo chest

Obviously not everyone’s style, but I adore the bamboo trim that evokes Hollywood Regency, moreover, look at those amazing campaign pulls. It’s a fantastic price at $25, although it does require some work. Sorry, but the wood “stain” is fake and peeling off in some spots. I intend to sand it down, prime it, and paint it.

I’ve been searching the internet for ideas from all different angles while attempting to decide what color to use. Normally, I just decide when I see anything, but in this case, I’m not sure. You know me, I’m always tempted to paint something a (safe) glossy white.

design sponge bamboo trim dresser
ws home white bamboo
gray bamboo dresser
elle decor gray dresser turned sink
On this one, I’m so tempted to choose a striking color. How about a vibrant shade with a Palm Beach feel, perhaps pink?
bamboo trim pink pinterest
fire engine red bamboo stool
st barts bamboo etagere
Easter backdrops
faux bamboo chest0
faux bamboo chest1

What counts most, I think, is where it goes. Anything goes because I intend to use it as an end table in our guest room, which is primarily white and grey green.

What color do you choose to support?





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