May 21, 2019 Latest Update
I wrote this dialogue as part of a sponsored campaign for Schlage. All of the text and thoughts are mine.

Hey, buddies! Do you have any dated furnishings in your house? Yes, we do, but we are gradually updating them, and it feels wonderful! Our house was built in 1986, thus there are several paneled doors and brass door knobs (not the brilliant, bright kind that are currently popular; I’m talking about extremely antiquated kind). However, despite how much we would like to, replacing every door is not financially feasible. We therefore found a means to modernize our inside doors on a tight budget, and we are quite pleased with the results. Our internal doors will be painted black, and the door hardware will also be changed. Even if it takes time, it’s very simple. Consider installing black inside doors and new hardware if you’re looking for a quick, low-cost interior renovation that will have a big impact. Learn how simple it is to update your inside doors yourself by reading on!

How to Blacken Interior Doors and Update Hardware Supplies required:

Your choice of style and finish for the knobs and hinges. In every room of our home, we have trim and knobs in the var viewsCacheL10n = {"admin_ajax_url":"https:\/\/\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php","post_id":"3301"};