They have been featured in publications and websites for years. The trend of having white walls is still popular. Painting walls white is a deliberate design decision to provide a serene backdrop so that the other features in the space may steal the show, even though I don’t think they’re much of a trend these days.

I’ve always appreciated how airy it seems because I painted the walls of my Las Vegas investment home a dazzling white several years ago. In this prior post about the DIY wood and white console, numerous of those white walls are displayed. In my California house, I also recently painted the living room white so that the artwork would stand out more.

We crave natural light, and the white walls of a space make us feel clean and pure. The US has fully adopted Scandinavian design as a result of our repeated exposure to it (as well as IKEA). We obviously adore the way rooms with a white background look since we keep doing it.

This particular scene—white curtains, a simple gray sofa, mismatched accent tables and throw pillows, a white green plant, and an area rug—has been seen quite a bit. Nordic 101, as they say.

Are white walls still popular in the design world as we enter 2018? Nope. We still adore our white walls even though we’re embracing warmer tones (that’s a separate story). So what’s the secret to executing them successfully? What is it about a white space that makes it feel inviting rather than clinical and clinical?

It is a methodical procedure. Study successful designers and pay attention to the features that were utilised to create attractive places in their designs.

Wood furniture and woven accents are essential to any white environment and add the required texture. Accent pieces with woven or wood finishes keep a room painted white from looking uninspired.

Metals are important. Black iron or dark bronze look especially fantastic in rooms with white walls and give much-needed contrast. Brass and chrome are always stunning.

DISPLAY SOME ART. A space with white walls must have art, whether you organize a gallery wall or select a single large piece. In addition to adding personality to a space, art breaks up the overwhelming amount of whiteness.

Rich leather furniture particularly jumps out in a room with white walls, therefore classify this as a desirable texture.

The intricacies are more apparent when white surfaces are used in conjunction with wood. Maintain the charm of wood doors, molding, flooring, beams, and window trim by staining or keeping wood in its natural form rather than painting it.

REMEMBER BOTANICALS Green plants are yet another essential component in a space with white walls (or any room in my opinion). White walls without organic components communicate a starkness that they do not.

Add molding, planks, or any other architectural detail painted in the same color to take it to the next level.
What techniques have you employed to pull off your white-walled room, for those of you who are on board?





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